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1Martin choked out!  Thoughts on FC2 Empty Martin choked out! Thoughts on FC2 on 11/21/2010, 3:09 pm



Martin on Fight card2 thoughts:

Martin not looking much worse for wear after his lost to possible future belt holder
Ceasar Azevedo was rather sombre when the media caught up to him,

"What a card! I am glad I am not in LW with the likes of Dan Murphy and Lillard, what a fight!
James can take a sledgehammer to the face and still keep coming. Their submission wars were truly epic. I am glad I won’t be a part of it.

Poor Austin getting dropped like a tree from Eduardo's sizing and then T-ing off on him. Great fights from all.

As for me? After injuries from training and filling in on short notice, last minute for Jay Azevedo who was suppose to fight Cesar, I was still disappointed in my performance. Coach kept telling me to watch my stamina and take my time... buttt noo I blow my wad, gas out and give a dangerous opponent like Ceasar my back! WTF!"

After jumping up and leaving the room, Martin's manager is left to finish with the conference.

"The boy's got skill but his inexperience showed, his coach is actually okay with his performance due to that fact however both are disappointed by Greg not sticking to the game plain.

Martin was nervous beforehand, and then being on the big stage he gassed out with performance jitters, it's understandable but sucks for us to the path of glory. We will be back."

Greg Martin, still a white belt plans on putting in some hard hours at the gym and work from some colored belts. We expect to See Martin back and better then ever.

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