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A very solid overall card was UC90, with some really good bouts, a upset, and two title defenses. Let's get straight into it...

Main Card Fight 1(WBW): Vanna Jovovich (#1) vs Mimi Kim (#3) ~ Vanna is one of the baddest girls in this division, and is just a complete Muay Thai practitioner. Overwhelming hand speed, strong kicks and knees, tough chin, and pushes the pace, what else could you honestly ask for? Vanna landed a good percentage on her strikes, mixed it up very well, and really had Mimi guessing a lot. Mimi on the other hand is just a tough, rigid, hardcore in your face kind of fighter. When these two styles clashed Vanna came out on top because of the reach advantage and the more technical striking. Mimi is probably the shortest WBW, so Vanna used that to her advantage, got a nasty ko, and is just clarifying even more how bad she wants another shot at the WBW gold.

Main Card Fight 2 (HW): Eddy Gordo (#2) vs BM Limo (#9) ~ Former Middlweight and Heavyweight champion Eddy Gordo made an impressive showing at UC90 this past week beating up and riser BM Limo by 2nd round ko. Gordo last fought at the UC85 Resurgence card where he lost his belt, and after that fight questions wandered whether he would move down to LHW, or try and make a transition back to his original class at 185, but to the dismay of us all he returns 5 cards later at HW. Now both fighters in this bout are strikers, but Gordo fights out of the Capeira style which is almost a clash of both Muay Thai and Boxing. Gordo is just a lot quicker and a lot more efficient because of the different weight classes he has fought at, and his speed and accuracy was just a little to much for the young buck in BM Limo to handle in the end.

Main Card Fight 3 (LW): Tristain Boochino (#1) vs The Joker (#Cool ~ Tristain, coming off one of the most devestating and shocking lightweight losses in history, in a bout where he just completely got demolished, returns two cards later. The Joker, one of the most lethal and most powerful lightweight strikers came into this bout with nothing to lose, and that's what he displayed. Tristain looked a little stiff and patient coming out, because Joker is one of those one punch can do it guys. All it took was the one flurry, and then the shot that dropped him ending the whole fight. The Joker performed a perfect gameplan and got the win. I think Tristain needs to drop down to the fairly new and growing featherweight division, where I feel he can find a lot of success and get back on track in.

Main Card Co-Main Event (WBW): Grace Rodriguez (Champ) vs Passion Killer (#2) ~ Grace is a really prestigious wrestler, and that's what she proved at UC90. She was patient, pick and choose when to shoot and when to unravel some punches, even dropped Passion once. Grace controlled the pace of the fight in which was slow, methodical, smart, and congrats to her on performing such a flawless gameplan. Passion had her moments, and at one stage with about a minute left in the last round had Grace stunned if she would've landed a few more shots when Grace was low on stamina. Both ladies fought hard, and they both did great things, but in the end Grace was just the more effective grappler.

Main Event (WW) ~ Damien Silva (Champ) vs Nieky Holzken (#1) ~ Champ and best P4P fighter Damien Silva took a slight break in action, but came back and simply looked better then ever. Nieky the deadly European Kickboxer couldn't match the speed and pressure of Damien. Nieky was constantly getting pushed against the fence and had no way out, in which this resulted in him being on the end of a lot of Silvas flurries. The octagon control, the aggression, the pressure, it was just all there for Silva. Nieky couldn't really get any offense off, and was mostly on the defense most of the fight, and against someone like Silva you just aren't going to win that way.

Well that's it for me guys, hope you enjoyed. Kept punching faces peeps, peace! DJ Jones

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