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Hey guys so I'm back for the traditional post card review, but this one is a little different. Since the co and main event are still MIA we are going to do an out of the ordinary and talk about some pretty important prelims of UC92. So let's get to it.

Important Prelim 1- #7 Ares Ares vs #17 Vincent Brown: These two got down in a really gritty late 3 round fight, and this was a huge fight for the MiddleWeight division, as well as title contention for both men. Ares Ares coming off a loss to the champ Owen Carter at UC89, this fight was a huge factor in whether he gets back into contention, or sort of floats away for a while. Now Vincent Brown is certainly a fast riser, after only 1 fight he takes on one of the MW's best in Ares Ares and gets the 3rd round finish. Ares was dominating that whole fight, and Vincent really had no answer for anything he was bringing. But Vincent has a tough chin, and is almost like a Miesha Tate, being down in a fight and still finding a way to get the finsih late. Ares knocked him down in the 1st, out struck him easily in the second round, and rocked him once or twice in the third, but Vincent waited for the perfect time to attack, and for the armbar with nearly 1 minute left in the last round. Next for Vincent Brown who is now #5 in the rankings, I would love to see him take on George Connolly to determine the next title challenger. As for Ares Ares, now #9, I would love to see him take on Jim Kelley or Ricky BMoney!

Important Prelim 2- Sasha Vasquez #10 vs Aubrey Campbell #11: This fight was a very important fight for woman of OMMA because Aubrey Campbell becomes the first ever girl to make onto a top 10 list with a 30 second KO over Sasha Vasquez. The future in the division for every girl in this division is unclear, and both ladies can take on anyone in the future!

Main Card Fight 1- Ron Artest #3 vs Liam McGeary #7: This fight held huge stakes for the LHW division and Liam really showed up to deliver. Liam was relentless with the pressure he put on Ron, and Ron couldn't really find a way out. Liam controlled the center of the octagon, pushed Ron back, and eventually hit him with huge combo that sent him down with 5 seconds left in the round.

Main Card Fight 2- Eddy Gordo #2 vs Deontay Wilder #10: It just flat out looked like Wilder had a better motor then Gordo in this fight. It went to the ground, Gordo was dogged, Wilder slipped in an unexpected Americana, and without even being able to tap out Gordo goes to sleep. Wilder has probably fight one of the toughest schedules in the HW division, and he is really just improving every fight. Well done by both men!

Main Card Fight 3- Hank Li #1 vs Issac Frost #7: Hank Li losing this fight means a lot in the division, because I'm sure that if he won this fight he would be get another title shot, but now this loss puts a huge fork in the road in that! Frost has always been in the mix of the LW division, and now he proves that he has reached the peak of his career. A good performance from both guys, and we should see a lot more from them in the future!

Well that's all I got for you guys, and until next time DJ Jones, I'm out!

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