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1st Fight: Hank Li (#2) vs Sean Scott (#5) ~ This was a really good bout and I think could've won FOTN as well. To be quite honest I think Sean Scott won this fight, he was a lot more agressive and landed the bigger more significant shots. Hank was a little more consistent with the takedowns, and did some pretty good work on the ground. I definitely think Sean deserves another shot against a top 5, because quite honestly he is the future of this division.

2nd Fight: Ricky BMoney vs Andre Galvao (Catchweight) ~ Galvao decided to make a weight adjustment to move to a different division and give the fans a much wanted super fight. Galvao is for sure the more experienced ground fighter, and it was quite obvious that Ricky was uncomfortable there. I feel that if Ricky was a little more cautious, and if he defended before trying to change the position from his back and/or escape, this result would've been different. I don't know if this is a sign of a division transition for Galvao, but I wouldn't be mad at him for doing it.

3rd Fight: Dan Martin (#1) vs Master FartingKick (#5) ~ Master really wanted this fight on the mat, because Dan Martin is one of the most lethal stand up fighters in OMMA alone. Dans ground defense looked really good, and once Martin got up, Master was drained and that resulted in a ko. This fight was a good 15 minute war, and now Dan has the job of defending his new belt!

Co Main Event: Owen Carter (Champ) vs Ares Ares (#3) ~ Ares was a pretty big underdog coming into this fight. Just #15 then next week he's #3 and getting a shot. It could be argued that Ares got moved up a little to quickly, but he was coming off 3 great finsihes and it looked fairly simple for him. Owen is just a really skilled all around fighter, but mainly his core boxing skills, and Ares ares striking is one key weakness in his game. Owen wasn't letting him get a sub, he was defending well, and finally has Ares drained and went in for the kill!

Main Event: Grace Rodriguez (Champ) vs Vanna Jovovich (#2) ~ Grace is one of the best wrestlers in OMMA, and Vanna is simply a striker. Cannas ground defense was not up to par, she was not keeping distance, her clinch was just a cover up to not get taken down, and quite simply didn't do any damage in the fight at all. But aside from that, Grace went out there and does what she does best, in which is being relentless with her wrestling and landing huge ground and pound blows, and that what she did.

DJ Jones, OMMA Journalist

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