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I got a chance to sit down with the Cloud Brothers this weekend and interviewed them on the upcoming reopening of UC.

LawlessCriminal: Thanks for meeting with me, guys.
Michael Cloud: No problem.
James Cloud: Always glad to be on the show.

LC: So, Michael. What have you been up to these last two years?
MC: Well, to be honest, I've mainly been sitting around waiting to get a call for a fight… After hearing about the new UC my manager called me immediately and said, "Michael, I got you into UC, now go bring home a belt, will ya?" I've been training since then.

LC: Your eyes are already on the belt?
MC: He said that, not me. To be honest I feel great. I'm in the best condition of my entire life and I feel great. These guys are killers and I'm just gonna put myself out there and try to bag a few wins. *Laughs* and if I get a shot at the Gold, well. I won't be complaining.

LC: James, we last heard from you a while back. You were stating that Jon Jones wouldn't stand with you. How is your striking now, and did you ever end up fighting with Jon Jones?
JC: No, he didn't want that fight. It never materialized. Meantime, I've been schooling chumps by KO, TKO, Submission, Decision, any type of domination. Nobody can stand with me, my striking stills are next level.

LC: What about the fact that you lost a fight in Striker's Challenge?
JC: … That's the past. I fought injured and I paid for it. Healthy, nobody stands a chance. Not even remotely. Wilson Fisk called me up and told me I could fill in, so I did. And that was that.

LC: Now, Michael… How has your game improved since we last saw you?
MC: Well, my striking is better. My jiu jitsu is better. My clinch game is better. I'm honestly the best I've ever been.

LC: There's rumors going around that you might be joining a new camp, care to comment?
MC: Right now, I'm a member of the Wasp's Nest. That's my camp and I'm loyal to them. I don't play on switching anytime soon.

LC: James, same question.
JC: Yeah. I was never a member of the Wasp's Nest and with the exception of my brother here they're all a bunch of wimps. I could never join that camp with that FOOL Jon Jones in it. F*** him.

LC: Please watch your language, this is public radio. So any word on the new camp?
JC: Yeah, it's going to be led by my good friend Demetrius Johnston. It's called "Disciples of Yin-Yang"… that's pretty much all I can say about it at this time.

LC: What weight class is he at?
JC: Flyweight. Dude moves so fast he's practically a blur.

LC: Any word on your cousin Kalvin Knight?
MC: He's coming over, too. He's also still with us at Wasp Nest.
JC: Oh yeah, Kalvin Knight's alright. But the rest of Wasp's Nest can bite me.
MC: Bro, those are my friends.
JC: I don't care. F*** Jon Jones. F*** F***ing Jon F***ing Jones. He sucks.

LC: Well that's all the time we have, I'd like to thank you guys for coming on and good luck in your upcoming fights.
MC: You're welcome and thank you.
JC: F*** Jon Jones. I'm out.

LC: For all of us at iOMMA, I'm LawlessCriminal signing out.

"You talk too much, things will happen..." - Anderson Silva

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