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Dan Silkowski

On the Fight w/ Dylon Perch.

"He called me out. He ask for me. He wanted to fight me and I came out and fought. I'm sorry but he didn't his story book ending. In MMA two men come in and one leaves the Winner. That night was my night. I wish him the best of luck in his future fights."

On Brandan's debut fight at FF2

"Many people think all wrestlers can't fight off there back. That they have know clue what to do from there. Brandan does. He knows how to sweep. He knows how to scramble and get back to his feet. But once he is on top of you he is going to control you. He is freakishly strong, and I struggle with him. Many people struggle with him. He is natural athlete, he can strike, he can submit, he can do almost anything he wants. Brandan is going to be a great fighter."

Dan on future Fight Force fights

"I will for sure not be fighting for Fight Force 3. May even not for Fight Force 4 either. Time for me to take a break. Go to my house, do a little skating in my indoor skate park. Chill with my friends and family. And of course work out and train ever day as well."

Brandan Silkowski

On his debut Win in FF2

"It feels great to start off with a win. I knew I could win this fight. I just had to go and fight. Once I got on top, I knew had to finish the fight in that round, and so I did."

On His brothers win FF2

"Dan needs to work on his takedowns. He had that fancy scissor TD, but he was still 1 for 3. I tell him and tell him to pick his shots. The problem was though Dylon didn't move fast enough and Dan caught him, got on top. From there Dan was going to win, momentum was on his side and the results showed, by him tapping him out w/ a Americana."

On him in future Fights

"I don't know. Fight Force 3 is a possibility, but I most likely won't fight til Fight Force 4. Who knows. I'm probably going to go back to PA and help my old High School wrestling team out and get them ready for there Season. So I guess I will be a Asst. Coach this year. Haha."

Ele 25 on His fighters.

On Dan's Win in FF2

"Dan knew he needed to win. He got the call when Perch called him out. I was about to say no, and Dan called me and said I want him. He was pretty Pissed off. For the fact he didn't do anything to this guy, and he calls him out. I have never seen Dan that mad and it was actually very scary."

On Brandan's win in FF2

"Brandan debut fight came out almost perfect. He missed his first TD attempt, but recovered and got on top. From there Brandan's Wrestling experience took over, and he dominated from top and got his KO. Great start off Brandan"

On his fighters future

"From here they will take a break. Dan will for sure be taking a break and going home to do his thing. Brandan you never know. One thing is for sure with him is he will be helping his old High School wrestling team out. So right now Silkowski brothers are on break."

A Champion faces Adversity and wins. They love to face adversity. As it proves that they are the champion. They look forward to facing adversity every time they fight so they can overcome it and become stronger.


Great write up. I'm moving this to the Media section. Post these type of write ups there from now on.

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