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"First off I will like to Congratulate Caesar on his win. He came out there and fought, that's what I wanted. I will also like to tell my fans that I will not be offering my services in Fight Force 2. I need some time to fix up my game and get better. Once I am back I will be back at 150%. Thanks you all for your support."

We also got a few words from his Manager. Ele.

On his thoughts about Dan not fighting in FF2.

" Well I think it is the best for him. Give him time to fix up his skills and come back even better."

On his thoughts about Brandan and FF2

"Brandan is a true athlete let may say that. He was a high caliber wrestler in HS and college and he is now a high caliber fighter now. We are currently in the works to get him his premier fight in Fight Force 2. Expect lighting in his first fight."

A Champion faces Adversity and wins. They love to face adversity. As it proves that they are the champion. They look forward to facing adversity every time they fight so they can overcome it and become stronger.



Nice write up.

I know Greg Martin's manager, Droges has another prospect lined up as well.
Needless to say, Greg Martin should be fighting for the first time on fight card2.

"I hope he is up to snuff" was the talk going around the gym.

Good luck in your future fights and trainning Dan Silkowski.

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Dan Silkowski Speaks After Loss to Caesar Smma10

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