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Manager Droges has been noticeably excited lately by a prospect that he has now taken under his wing.

"This kid is tough, he is lean and will rip your head off if you look at him the wrong way"

Devin Payne has come for a boxing background like his compardre Greg Martin but weighing in at a lean 200pounds places him firmly in the light heavy weight class.

"I have watched this Kid blossum into a wrecking machine from boxing and now he too wants to branch out into the world of MMA.
The kid still has some more training to do to tighten up his ground game before he hopes to step into the ring of omma but he is looking extremely promising and heads should roll when he brings it."

When asked about Greg Martin and how he is shaping up seeing as he missed the debut on fight card1, Droges answered,
"The boy's fiesty but trainning injuries and scheduling issues has resulted him possibley not being a 100%. Regardless we signed up for Fight force2 ' The uprising' for his debut but our paperwork got messed up and we actually tried to sign up for the wrong weight calss so Martin may not make the card."

When asked about the injuries Droges mentioned that Martin maybe suffering, he replied with this response,

"Martin has a deep background in boxing but when we made the switch to MMA, he struggled on many trainning exercises which prevented him from being 100% in key areas. With him being a generlist to begin with, this hurts. These injuries showed in his amateur career record of 35-5.

Although he remains positive, I fear that these injuries may come back to haunt him when he goes up against the big dogs of OMMA.. . . I hope I am wrong."

Devven Payne is slated to sign onto OMMA in a few weeks time stated Droges.



I hope Greg recovers from that injury and I cant wait to see what Devin Payne will bring to the table. Wink Good write up man.


I'm moving this to the Media section. Good write up tho. Wink

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