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So EA is doing a Gamechangers program which will allow gamers to be involved in the early development process of the EA UFC franchise.  This is a pretty awesome deal.  Finally those who put a lot of effort into the forums with intent to help the growth of the game will now be recognized.  Here are the details given by the Community Manager from the EA forums.

EA_Karo wrote:Hey Everyone,

As part of our commitment to bringing community into the early development process for our games, i'm happy to announce we will be creating a new GameChangers program for the EA SPORTS UFC franchise. Our goal is to work with the most passionate and knowledgeable community members to influence and shape the development of core game modes, as well as other aspects of the game. This first event will take place in early October.

The EA SPORTS UFC GameChangers group will be heavily involved in gameplay tuning and balance, and working to conceptualize future content plans for the series. We are looking to put together a well rounded group that represents the community as a whole, with every part of the game in mind.

As one of the most passionate communities, the majority of the members will come from the official EA SPORTS UFC forums. We are looking for a total of 5 fans to be voted in as community representatives.

If you are interested in being part of the EA SPORTS UFC GameChangers program, please post in this thread and answer the following questions and let us know why you should be chosen:

1. How long have you been playing MMA/Fighting games? What is your favorite game mode?
2. As part of the UFC GameChangers, what part of the game would you like to directly influence?
3. What makes you the ideal candidate for this program?

After we have received enough applications, we will put the top candidates into a poll and the community will vote in the top 5 onto the committee.


What do you think about this move by EA?  If you want to be an applicant head on over to the EA UFC forums and post your credentials in the designated thread.


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