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1UC 39 "Bmoney vs Munoz" Recap Empty UC 39 "Bmoney vs Munoz" Recap on 9/9/2014, 3:13 pm



UC 39 "Bmoney vs Munoz"

Devin Payne walks into the OMMA administration office.
"urrrpp..  yaa toots,  I would like to challenage those guys Randy Orton or. or Ramble Johnson,  those guys can throw down"

secretary: "And you are?"

Payne: "thats okay babe,  I know you are new here.  Devin Payne, I am hear to smash some heads around"

secretary: "Devin Payne, payne, payne.., hmm kinda rings a bell.  You know you are suppose to go through your
camp and the organizers and not here..
        Ahh yes Devin Payne LHW.  Well sir, 1st you have no contract with us.  2nd, your record is hardly something that you can come in here and ask for fights.  Also they are mw fighters

**she looks him up and down **

"frankly sir, you appear to be in no shape to fight, and it looks like you appear to be living on the street..
what is that smell!?!?

Payne: "Listen toots"  *as he cracks open a beer that was in his left hand* "The fights were rigged I was a scap goat"
*gulp, gulppp* "I can make weight,  urrrpp, I am a professional

secretary: "I am sorry Mr. Payne, there is nothing I can do here.  You need to get with your camp, speak with your manager and sign a contract"

Payne: " Babe, baby..  man don't make me do that, I haven't spoke to them in years those chumps were just bringing me down. Help me out"

secretary: "Sir you need to help your self out.  OMMA is about caliber fights, your previous record and the current fighters today could end up having you end up in a hospital or worse.  You are in no shape to fight."

Payne: "Listen you scrawny bitch!!! " *as he slams his fist down on her desk* "I want a fight, and you are going to hook me up.. I don't need to go through any red tape'

secretary: "SECURITY!  escort this guy out"

Payne: "heeyyyyyyyyyyy bro watch the threads,  you made me spill some of my beer"


MW#2 Ricky Bmoney vs #7 Xavier Munoz
Ricky Bmoney via 2nd Round KO

WW#5 Matt Brown vs Uvo Roth
Matt Brown via 1st Round KO

WW#6 Blake Thomas vs Henry Morgan
No Contest

WW #12 Swaggy Slim vs #14 Thomas Tucka
Swaggy Slim via 3rd Round KO KOTN
tech difficulties

LHW#8 Tito Ortiz vs #11 Tristian Newman
Tito Ortiz via 1st Round Submission


LHW#9 Hardcore Hardhatz vs #18 Trill King
No Contest

WW#9 Randy Orton vs Rumble Johnson
Randy Orton via 1st Round KO

HW#13 Sato Ito vs Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal via 2nd Round TKO
Isss seagal the real deal?

MW#15 Trae Brown vs #21 Paul Collins
Trae Brown via 1st Round Submission SOTN
tech difficulties

MW#16 Chris Hardhatz vs #22 Kevin Dellolio
No Contest

HW#16 Roman Reigns vs  Bumpy Johnson
Bumpy Johnson via 1st Round Knockout

LWOscar Fjeldal vs G-Stone
Oscar Fjeldal via 3rd Round KO

LW Jesus Azevedo vs Arturo Ribeiro
Jesus Azevedo via Split Decision FOTN

FW Exo Skeleton vs Iceberg Slim
Exo Skeleton via 1st Round KO
- tech difficulties

OMMA Journalist
Rex Payne FF HW
Devin Payne-kickboxer (LHW)
Greg Martin-freestyle (WW)

UC 39 "Bmoney vs Munoz" Recap Smma10

2UC 39 "Bmoney vs Munoz" Recap Empty Re: UC 39 "Bmoney vs Munoz" Recap on 9/10/2014, 2:50 pm



As usual nice write up man.  This was a nice card too.  Lots of great fights.

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