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1Greg Martin on signing for FF2 Empty Greg Martin on signing for FF2 on 11/28/2010, 1:36 pm



After Greg Martin's debut on FF2 and getting roughed up and then choked out by by up and comer prospect Cesar Azevedo, he and his coach went through some tough times and then in turn some tough training.

Guy Smiley interviews Martin to get an in side scope on him signing up for FC4-Bad Intentions.

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Guy: "Mr. Martin, I understand that you have signed up for fight card4. Also I have heard you have gone through an intense training camp in preperation for your second fight in OMMA. Tells us more on this and how are you are feeling in your up coming fight?"

Martin: "First off, aren't you the guy from Sesame street? Where is that hot girl, Erin?"

Guy: **blank stare**

Martin: "Anyway, yes after my lose to Cesar, I knew I had to retrain. I was not happy with my performance. After that lose my coach and I went through some tough times but we retrained and I am almost finished with a very grueling training program".

Guy: "Can you tell us more?"

Martin: "Sure, I feel in the best shape of my life, training is going awesome and if all goes well I should be done before FC4. I have tigtened and reamped my whole game. My striking is better, my submissions are better, my ground game is better. I am very happy with the program we have set up and I am confident that my next opponent is going to being in a heap of trouble when the cage door closes"

Guy: "The card is not out yet and you don't know who you will be fighting if any, however what if it's Cesar again?"

Martin: "The kid's got skills and his camp is quite a dominate force but I am not scared of him. My training will show and it will be Me with my arm raised wether it's him or anyone else in ww for that matter. I am ready!!"

Guy: "You do seem more focused (even though I don't watch the stuff) and I hope you do well.

Before you go, tell us about your camp mate Devin.. Devin. Devin Payne that's it. He has signed in the LHW division yet he hasn't signed for a fight yet. Whats going on there? Cold feet?"

Martin: "Cold feet!! haha, Devin doesn't have cold feet even if he was wearing ice slippers. The kids nuts, I have been with him since our boxing days.
Unfortunately he is actually pretty pissed off at me. After my lose, I rented the whole gym out to dedicate to my training 100%. He was not able to continue his due to this.

hey now look, I got to get going. And next time, sheeese, atleast get Ms. Piggy to interview me.. faq what kind of budget is OMMA running here anyway?

Guy: **blank stare**

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