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1 Punishment System on 4/20/2016, 5:09 pm


By participating in these leagues as well as posting on the forums, you are agreeing to follow all rules and will conduct yourselves in a respectful manor. Failure to do so will result in a punishment depending on the severity of your actions. The types of punishments are as followed...

* Warning + possible fine (fight earnings)

~ If you broke a rule and didn't realize it you will be verbaly warned

~ Multiple warnings will result in a fine (taken from your virtual fight earnings)

~ If you still continue to be warned we will resort to one of the harsher punishments below

* Suspension + possible fine (fight earnings)

~ If you receive too many warnings you will be suspended for 1 event.

~ If you break a rule you were warned about prior you will be suspended for 2 events and fined

~ Receiving multiple suspensions will result in a loss of any titles held and a fine.

* Permanent Ban

~ If you continue to be a problem we will have no choice but to ban you from the website

~ Severe offenses such as cheating will result in you being banned as well

~ Any following account you create will be banned

~ Anyone who allows you to fight or post with their account will be banned with you

If you have any questions contact the Help Desk.

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