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1Jon Jones Empty Jon Jones on 3/15/2011, 5:39 pm

Age: 26
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 205lbs
Record: 24-7
Hometown: Rochester,  New York
Camp: Wasp Nest
Gamertag: o 2Good2BTru3 o
Contract: 1 fight left
Specialty: Greco Roman
Overall Rating: 85
Stand Up Rating: 84
Ground Rating: 81
Submission Rating: 80

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2Jon Jones Empty Re: Jon Jones on 3/15/2011, 5:39 pm


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3Jon Jones Empty Re: Jon Jones on 4/15/2016, 3:38 pm

WinJim Harris1stKnockoutUC 95 "McGeary vs Thompson"View
WinHector Garcia1stKnockoutUC 75 "Thompson vs Lewis"View
WinNico Mendoza1stSubmissionUC 67 "Kelly vs Ares"View
WinTaner Garringer3rdUnanimous DecisionUC 66 "Gordo vs Hall"View
LossTaner Garringer3rdTechnical KnockoutUC "Night of Fights 8"N/A
WinClaigh Knick3rdKnockoutUC 64 "Li vs Murphy"N/A
LossAlec Fountain3rdUnanimous DecisionUC 60 "Man vs Swagger"View
WinClaigh Knick3rdKnockoutUC 58 "Carter vs King"View
LossJoao Pedro Cruz3rdUnanimous DecisionUC 57 "Man vs Ito"View
LossMichael Thompson5th
UC 55 "Noons vs Li"View
WinBill Bowser III3rdKnockoutUC 54 "Lesnar vs Lent 2"View
WinEduardo Filho1stSubmissionUC "Night of Fights" 5View
LossTrailerz Boy2ndSubmissionUC 49 "Galvao vs Tucka 2"N/A
WinSteven Oliver3rdUnanimous DecisionUC 35 "Road to Glory"View
LossHardcore Hardhatz3rdUnanimous DecisionUC 34 "New Beginning"View
WinAaron Jones-KnockoutUC 33 "Murder vs Williamson"View
LossStuart Cathcart-SubmissionUC 30 "Jones vs Cathcart"View
WinAaron Jones-KnockoutUC 23 "Jones vs Jones"View
WinPaul Little-SubmissionUC 20 "Jones vs Little"View
WinMatt Hamil-Technical KnockoutUC 17 "Maximum Damage"View
WinAaron Jones-KnockoutUC 15 "Survival"View
WinKevin Smith-Technical KnockoutUC 12 "Road to Victory"View
WinKevin Smith-KnockoutUC 10 "Supremacy"View
WinBrett Rocha-KnockoutUC 5 "Mayhem Ensues"View
WinAdam Marshall-KnockoutUC 4 "Extreme Conflict"View
WinBrodie Martin-KnockoutUC 2 "No Way Out"View
WinKip Johnson-KnockoutUC 1 "Genesis"View
WinKip Johnson1stKnockoutBushido 17 "Inferno"View
WinTom Sowers1stKnockoutBushido 16 "Annihilation"View
WinTony Velocity1stKnockoutBushido 14 "Demolition"View
WinBrodie Martin1stKnockoutBushido 13 "Dance of Destruction"View

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