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Yes, Kenetic NRG, the #1 LFC P4P fighter in the world, and #2 UC P4P in Damien Silva (fighting at UC89 so tune into that). We all know that LFC13 holds the Welterwieght Grand Prix where hopefuls, newcomers, existing dominance, will be battling for the first ever LFC belt.  A long, hard, draining, usually 4 to 6 card long tournament to determine the first ever welterweight champ. This time around, unlike LFC 1-6, the top 16 people from the tournament sign ups will be seeded based on determined rank on the bracket. So here's my projected 16 seeds based on current signed up Welterwieght fighters and rankings, as well as the people who signed up for the tourney already. FYI everyone I seed may not be in the tournament; but I expect them to be but like I said it's based off current rankings and the people who signed up. Kenetic is not fighting in this tournament btw!

DMart15 (1)
Afro Killz (2)
Farting Kick (3)
LuisEvolution (4)
Matty Ice (if he's still fighting in league) (5)
TheRelaxedGuy (6)
PRZ redemption and n1nja3scap3 (could be 5 or 7 if these two don't enter)
n1nja3scap3 (7)
Paches Champ BWS (Cool
Goons5 (9)
Drake0v0 (10)
Jordanan Senpai (11)
Lurching Dart (12)

Final 3 seeds (14-16) wild cards include
Xbox 1 Day 1
(And the rest of the unknown talent in the sign ups)

Now let's get into my favorite thing to do as a journalist, and that is predicting things. So we're gonna go over every round matchup and get it to the predicted winners.

First round: All the 1-8 projected seeds advance to round 2
Second round-

Dmart15 (1) vs PachesChamp (Cool ~ This is a tough matchup for arguably the #2 OMMA fighter in the world. Paches is a tough opponent, and let's not expect a roll over here. That said Dmart15 advance in this one.

LuisEvolution (4) vs Matty Ice (5) ~ Way back at Matty Ice Invitational LuisEvolution took Matty Ice down in his own tournament. This time around I see the same thing happening, Luis is rising big time, and Matty has been coasting a little bit ever since that loss.

Afro Killz (2) vs n1nja3scap3 (7) ~ Afro has been looking dominate as well as his opponent here in his predicted quarterfinal matchup. I think Afro can win this fight with ease if he comes prepared.

FartingKick (3) vs TheRelaxedGuy (6) ~ Upset for RelaxedGuy he's looking tougher and tougher just like FartingKick, but I think he has the grittier fighting style that will win him this game.

Dmart15 (1) vs LuisEvolution (4) ~ Luis with upset

Afro Killz (2) vs TheRelaxedGuy (6) ~ RelaxedGuy with upset

Two upsets, record wise there not as strong as others, but they hold a lot of power and I expect them (this is predicted seeds of joining tournament) to make it to the final. I'll take LuisEvolution for the win! After that I expect Kenetic to fight him for the title, but do you think he can snag his 2nd LFC title?

Ok so thanks for tuning in. Please take a look at my Promoting Idea HERE and thanks again!

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