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1Fight Setup & Match Rules Empty Fight Setup & Match Rules on 4/20/2016, 3:41 pm




Here are the guidelines for setting up your fight

* Choosing a Corner

' Whoever has the higher league rank gets to choose the corner to fight from

* Use Correct Rounds

' All normal fights are set up for 3 rounds

' Only title fights and main event fights are set for 5 rounds

* Use Correct Fighters

' You are only allowed to use the fighter you registered and are scheduled to fight with

' If you win using an unregistered fighter or one that's not scheduled to fight on the card your win wont count

* Use Real Time

' Please do not use the accelerated clock.  All fights are to be done using real time

Here are things not allowed in your fight

* No Cheating

~ If you win using an exploit,  glitch or banned move/tactic your win wont count

* No Quitting

~ If you were losing the fight and quit out you will receive a the loss

~ If you were winning or it was close and connection was lost you must rematch

If you have any questions or issues concerning this league contact K!LLA B33 or post in the Help Desk.

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