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We will not tolerate people disconnecting to avoid a loss. Not all disconnects are intentional but the number of ppl disconnecting on purpose greatly outweighs the number of unintentional disconnects so rules have to be put into effect.

~ If you are about to be TKOd or submitted and you disconnect you will receive the loss.

~ If you were losing the fight and disconnect you will receive the loss.

~ If you were dominating the fight and disconnect a rematch must happen.


Unfortunately some people just have bad connections. We understand how much lag effects fights and don't think its fair to force people to deal with it and potentially lose so here are the rules concerning this matter.

~ You have until the 4:00 mark of round 1 to determine if the fight is too laggy and quit out. If the fight goes past 1 minute you waive your right to complain and must continue the fight. If you quit out after that you will recieve a DQ loss.

~ If you restarted the match and its still laggy again then try another day, agree to report a no contest in which both fighters must report or agree to fight anyway (again dont complain if you lose).

If you have any questions post them in the Help Desk.

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