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Everyone is required to put their fights on video. No video means no proof of victory.  Video also gives us an opportunity to make sure fights are fair by catching cheaters in the act as well as recognizing exploits to ban.  We also want to keep record of all the action here as well as build your fighter's fight history.  Here are your options for recording videos.

1) Record with twitch

~ Open the twitch app and select "Broadcast"

~ Title it the number of event, select quality (lower quality = less lag) then start Broadcast

~ Unsnap twitch and begin your fight

~ Learn more about how to use twitch --> HERE

2) Record with a capture card

~ After your fight upload the video to youtube

~ Give us the link to the video when you report your results

3) Record with the Xbox One DVR

~ Set it to 5 minutes and it will record the last 5 minutes of the fight

~ Send me the recording by sharing it via Xbox One private message.

4) Save a clip using the Xbox One

~ If its a finish press the menu button after your fighter celebrates then double tap the home button to save the clip

~ If its a decision press the menu button after the winner is announced then double tap the home button to save the clip

~ Send me the results by sharing it via Xbox One private message.


Listed below are guidelines for setting up the videos.  This is important because it helps us verify what event and fight your video is for and keeps the videos clean and tolerable to watch.  Whoever the host is please set up the fight properly.  The stipulations are as followed...

* Title the video the name of the event

~ An example is (UC 1 - "fighter's name vs fighter's name")

* Leave the presentation as is

~ Do not skip the cutscenes.  We use cutscenes to grab the cinematic screenshots

~ Do not add music to the video

* Do not put tags,  links or any graphics over the fight

~ You can put whatever you want before or after the fight but please nothing during the fight.

If you have any questions post them in the Help Desk.

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