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1UC 85- Galvao vs King Empty UC 85- Galvao vs King on 3/24/2016, 9:30 pm


UC 85 Resurgence
So today we will get into the main card fights, what the fighters thoughts were, and my predictions on who wins and what should be next for them when they do so. SO Let’s GET STARTED!

Pramuk vs NaKamura (Main Card Fight #1) (BW)

Me: Your coming off 4 straight losses and you lost to this same opponent at UC77. It’s fair to say your back is against the wall and you’re the underdog in this matchup. Would you agree with this statement, and have you improved and learned from your mistakes?

Nakamura: Definitely got my back against the wall, but I have fought the top of my division my last few fights and done well. Just need to find a lil more control in my all-around game, take my time, pick my shots. If I can do that I have a good shot at revenge.

Me: Like you said he has good pressure, and great defense, what special qualities do you bring to this fight that he should worry about?

Nakamura: I would say I just never quit, I am a wild striker and a defensive grappler, sprawl and brawl I guess lol.

Who wins= I think Nakumura is gritty and determined fighter, very humble and just goes out there and fights on a consistent basis, a very active fighter. Unlike Pramuk he has fought about 4x as much a big question her still is did Pramuk get promoted up the rankings way too quickly. For the sake of Nakumuras losing streak though I’m going to take Pramuk by knockout again.

Mayweather vs Lightening (Main Card Fight #2) (FW)

Me: Your last lost came to Floyd, why did you take the rematch so willingly, or was this fight simply your only option?

Lightening: I wanted to back kick him in the stomach.

Me: You have only one fight under your belt, and your specialty is striking. What has your training been focusing on coming into this bout
Lightening: Floyd won’t know what to do when I kick him in the leg. He’ll become a panicked wrestler when I kick him in the leg.

Me: A sense a rivalry here, a little bit of bad blood, is that what is going on here?

Lightening: That mother f**Ker has taken everything I’ve worked for.

Me: Where do you feel winning this fight will put you in the division, and how would you like to finish Floyd?

Lightening: I feel this division is stuck in the mud, but I will finish him with a kicking technique most definitely.

Me: The answer everyone is dying to here. Will you be fighting with emotions or are you focused on the win and the win only?

Lightening: There will be no emotion in this contest. I will be fluid, relaxed, and great movement.

Me: You get the win, what would be next?

Lightening: Title Shot

Who wins= Lightening is very young and reminds me of a Bethe Correia. He’s talking his way into fights, his words are passionate and come from his heart, and you can see his commitment level is there. But, 0-1 leaves the inexperience there, but his “kicking technique” leaves me a little unsure of what he’s coming with in this bout. Floyd is a heavy handed and fluent boxer, and because of the experience and further along skill set I will take Floyd by knockout somewhere in the third round, that’s only if Lightening fights with no emotions, if not the knockout will come earlier.

Gordo vs Seagal (Main Card Fight #3) (HW)

Me: Gordo is pretty much the top dog, and this could be a huge statement win. Like it or not you are the underdog in this fight, he is the #1 contender, and probably one of the best P4P fighters. So how are you attacking/planning on to win this fight?

Seagal: By hitting him with every shot, avoiding the clinch, and making him do what I want which is go to sleep in the second round.

Me: You win, what’s next?

Seagal: World title, I take no prisoners.

Who wins= Gordo is more battle tested when It comes to submission game even though he’s never one by a tap out. It’s karate vs capoeira so it’s to very unknown/used fighting styles, and that being said I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gordo take this fight to the mat. I’m going to take Gordo for the win, I don’t know how, but you hear it from me GORDO GETS ALI NEXT!

Thompson vs Ortiz (Fight completed already, Thompson by Unanimous)

Main Event Galvao vs King

Me: This fight is classic striker vs ground. How do you feel in this matchup, and do you feel this fight will live up to the name of “striker vs grappler” or are you confident in your all-around game?

Galvao: The plan is to get the fight to the mat, but I have confidence wherever the fight goes.

Me: He’s coming off a loss to the champ Damien Silva. Does this scare you that he’s been in the title fight position and has all the confidence in the world?

Galvao: Not at all, that is my title and I’m coming to get it back.

Me: Thomas Tucka, you guys both lost to him, but King has been active since that loss, and based on OMMA fight history your last fight was UC49. Do you worry about ring rust, or have you been training to come back the stronger fighter?

Galvao: Tucka was a good point fighter and I got frustrated, but I’ve learned from my mistakes in that fight. But no ring rust here, and yes my training is going well. Jiu jitsu, wrestling, and boxing are all better.

Me: Major question here. King is either knocking out, or being knocked out. Are you willing to throw with him and try to land that one stunning punch?

Galvao: My plan is to find ant hole in his and expose it, whether that be standing, on the ground, or in the clinch.

Me: Are you going to be looking to be on the offense and make him defend, the aggressor, or be on the defense and wait for him to make that one costly mistake.

Galvao: A little of both, the best defense is good offense.

Me: This is a #1 contenders fight said or unsaid, are you eyeing on the champ, or are you taking everything fight by fight? As well as if you win will you be looking for a fight with the champ right away, or take a week or two to train and prepare both mentally and physically.

Galvao: I am eyeing the belt, and I look forward to fighting the champ. He’s a great fighter and a great sparring partner but that belt is my belt and I’m coming for it.

Who wins= They are both very determined. All of Kings losses have been to top P4P fighters, so Galvao should not expect a push over. Galvao wins by submission and Kind wins by Knockout. Whoever takes the initiative first wins the fight, but obviously Galvao’s training has been stand up and Kings Ground and Clinch. I’m going to go with an upset and take King by tko in the 3rd, late 3rd.

What’s next for the winners (predicted winners)

• Pramuk should be looking for a rematch with Bob Lee Swagger, but if not because of Psycho and IP’s inactivity he should look to a fight with up comer Jin Liu

• Mayweather for the fact that the three people in front of him in the rankings are pretty inactive, and there is no permanent champion right now, Floyd might just be named the interim champion, or take on an interim champions fight to name that role.

• Gordo gets Ali next, he earned it and it’s the most marketable and logical fight

• Thompson could get Watt, but I think he will get Lennox Lewis, and the winner will take on Gordo around UC87 or 88.

• King should get Rick Morgan with a win on this card, Morgan beat Silva once and lost to him a card later in a rematch so it’s only fair to give Morgan that chance again. But if inactivity in Morgan lies you could be looking at King vs Silva in a title match.

Well that’s all guys, hope you enjoyed, and be on the lookout for my post card article once all main card fights are done. Hope you enjoyed, comment your thoughts, and with that said DJ Jones is out!

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