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1Ares Ares Empty Ares Ares on 4/23/2015, 2:51 pm

Age: 24
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185lbs
Record: 17-10
Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Camp: None
Gamertag: KingPsycho87
Contract: 1 fight left
Fighting Style: Greco Roman
Overall Rating: 80
Stand Up Rating: 68
Ground Rating: 73
Submission Rating: 91

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2Ares Ares Empty Re: Ares Ares on 4/23/2015, 2:51 pm

WinTim Harris2ndSubmissionUC 94 "Martin vs Fartingkick"View
WinMarky TG2ndSubmissionUC 93 "Gold Rush 5"View
LossVincent Brown3rdSubmissionUC 92 "Ortiz vs McGeary"View
LossOwen Carter3rdKnockoutUC 89 "Rodriguez vs Jovovich"View
WinSeth Petersen2ndSubmissionUC Night of Fights 12"View
WinWade Wilson1stSubmissionUC 88 "Gold Rush 4"View
LossJim Kelly3rdUnanimous DecisionUC 87 "Ito vs Pramuk"N/A
WinJody Highroller1stKnockoutUC 86 "Ali vs Seagal"View
LossTristan Bocchino1stKnockoutUC 84 "Bocchino vs Ares"N/A
WinBryce Jackson1stKnockoutUC 83 "Gordo vs Ali"N/A
WinKid Dynamite1stKnockoutUC 80 "Silva vs King"N/A
LossHank Li1stKnockoutUC 79 "Aldo vs Tee H"N/A
WinSlacker Ramirez1stSubmissionUC 78 "Silva vs Kelly"N/A
LossTristan Bocchino2ndKnockoutUC 76 "Ito vs Caceres"N/A
WinCJ Rogers1stTechnical KnockoutUC 75 "Thompson vs Lewis"N/A
WinBryce Jackson2ndKnockoutUC 74 "Silva vs Killem K"N/A
LossKillem K3rdUnanimous DecisionUC 73 "Gold Rush 3"N/A
WinLeroy Edwards2ndKnockoutUC 72 "Hunter vs Bocchino"N/A
WinRy Lee1stKnockoutUC 70 "Ortiz vs King"N/A
LossMajor King2ndKnockoutUC 69 "Gold Rush 2"N/A
WinBrandan Ferrari1stSubmissionUC 68 "Watt vs Robinson"View
LossJim Kelly4thKnockoutUC 67 "Kelly vs Ares"View
WinThomas Tucka2ndKnockoutUC 66 "Gordo vs Hall"N/A
WinDouglas Craft2ndKnockoutUC 65 "King vs Kelly"N/A
LossJim Kelly3rdTechnical KnockoutUC "Night of Fights 8"View
WinTommy Macster3rdTechnical KnockoutUC 64 "Li vs Murphy"N/A
WinRazor Ramirez1stKnockoutUC 63 "Young vs Reed"N/A

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