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Cesar Cyborg

Cesar Cyborg

Come fight the BJJ White Belt and win E-FAME!!!! Send me a FR and we will do the BLACK BELT CHALLENGE!!!!! So

send me FR and lets grapple.

GT: Bubba Thrust

My Record- 0-0-0

The Yellow Belts-

comming soon

The Fallen-

comming soon


1) All Fighters Must be lhw's.

2) Boxing must be striking and any grappling can be any others.

3) No min. stat but max is 82 before modifiers.

4) All fights will be 3, 5 minute rounds.

5) Absolutly no striking. (only 1 warning)

6) No holding the R-stick only flicking it for reversals.

Houston Gator

Houston Gator
Alright then....... Lol to bad I have ps3

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