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UC 36 "Proving Grounds"
UC 36 'Proving Grounds' comes at us with great fights.  These  fighters left nothing behind and gave it their all.  Unfortunate for some it wasn't enough when it came to have someone's hand raised.
Who won, who lost;
MW Rasheed Mitchell vs Kevin Dellolio  
- Kevin Dellolio via 2nd Round KO KOTN

Technical difficulties viewing.  Will try again later.
FW #1 Zach Hunter vs Morgan Freeman  
- Morgan Freeman via 3rd Round Submisison SOTN

Hunter and Freeman come out and touch gloves to show mutual respect.  What follows after is a vicious display of kicks from both competitors.
Hunter comes up with a nice right, left combo to Freeman's face only to be thanked with high front kicks to his own face.
Freeman then takes hunter down to the mat.  He lands some hard punches as Hunter tries to shake him off.  Freeman's ground game is up to par though and he gets side control at one point.
It's during this ground war that Freeman cuts Hunter above his right eye with fast, painful hammer fist.  Freeman doesn't stop there and keeps the pressure on Hunter.  Like a wet blanket, he smoothers Hunter with his body weight and punches.  
Hunter is still in the game though and almost locks in an anaconda choke (?).  He doesn't land it but it serves to get him a better position.
In the final seconds of the round, Hunter is finally able shake the solid Freeman off.
Freeman goes for a shoot to land another take down but Hunter times it right and lands a flush flying knee that sends Freeman to the mat.  Hunter then follows up with a devastating punch to the downed man that nearly knocks him out.  Freeman may have been saved by the bell.
Round 2:
Round 2 starts with more of the same of how the beginning of round 1 looked like, Hunter letting his feet fly.  Unfortunately, he is taken down to the ground where he surely didn't want to go seeing as most of round 1 had Freeman on top laying the smack down on his face.  And that is just what happened, punch after punch,  Hunter is bloodied up and unable to shake  Freeman off.
Near the end of round 2 he finally does manage to get up but the punishment he took is evident.  Vision blurred from blood, or just plain done, he eats two kicks to the face that knock him off the cage into a third kick that drops him to the mat.  Morgan Freeman follows up with his ground and pound for the last 16 seconds.
Hunter comes out and tries to get something going but by then he is just to worn.  Freeman takes him down with ease and locks in a arm submission that end the fight early in round3.
An impressive fight but it was all Morgan Freeman this night.
#3 Anderson Silva vs #4 Raymond Walker    
- Anderson Silva via Split Decision FOTN

Anderson Silva and Raymond Walker come out and start ripping shots off on one and other.
Walker lands a beautiful 1-2 to the body followed by a head kick.  Silva tries to recover but is greeted with another right and left hook combo that crumples him to the mat early in the round.  Walker then smashes him with a follow up punch to the ground.
Silva is able to recover though and kicks him off and they return to their feet where they exchange until the end of the round.
Round2 is a stand up war, no really advantage is giving to either side other then Walker lands some nice combos and works the body on Silva throughout.  We notice Silva taking deep breaths after the bell rings to end round 2.
Back and forth striking, both get rocked and at one point Walker drops Silva to the ground with his fast accurate combos.  He lets Silva up not wanting anything to do with the ground game.
In the end, Silva takes the W with a razor thin split decision that had the judges and fans split on if he or walker should have won.
Walker suffered his first lose.  While Anderson Silva takes a step closer to the belt.
UC36 was in front of a nearly sold out crowd.  These fighters proved to all why that was.

OMMA Journalist
Rex Payne FF HW
Devin Payne-kickboxer (LHW)
Greg Martin-freestyle (WW)

UC 36 "Proving Grounds" Summary Smma10

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