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1Toribash? Empty Toribash? on 6/26/2014, 11:26 am



I came across a crazy turn based fighter game with decaps and blood. its very simple in graphics but the whole body is made of balls which are the joints that you contract, extend or relax to make the body behave realistic.

its very hard to master but I been having fun with it.
Its been out for a long time (2007) but I just came across it a few weeks ago.

its free and has a large online community. You can upgrade your guy, etc.(look) .

Anyway do some youtube of it to get an understanding of it.
I can barely\can't throw a kick like some of the super star vids, but super fun.

Anywho ... if anyone interested, hit me up and we can square up.

Don't neglect your ea mma training though.

OMMA Journalist
Rex Payne FF HW
Devin Payne-kickboxer (LHW)
Greg Martin-freestyle (WW)

Toribash? Smma10

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