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1Bushido 24 Parlay Empty Bushido 24 Parlay on 6/11/2011, 4:51 am



Rick Bowman vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

Vladimir Vovchanchyn vs Roger Ferguson

TJ Crawford vs Ivan Pavlinsky

Sylvester Stallone vs Colin Little

Eduardo Filho vs Nam Salas

Anderson Silva vs Marcus Savalas

Mike Ortiz vs Evan Simmons

Cesar Azevedo vs Greg crawford

Gonzo Miller vs Charlie Sheen

Dan Murphy vs Nate Diaz

Incase of a tie (pick a # between 1 and 100)

Bet costs $1,000 Fight Earnings

Read how this works here.

2Bushido 24 Parlay Empty Re: Bushido 24 Parlay on 6/11/2011, 4:55 am



My picks

Rick Bowman via 1st Rnd TKO

Roger Ferguson via 1st Round TKO

TJ Crawford via 2nd Rnd Decision

Colin Little 1st Round Sub

Eduardo Filho 1st Round KO

Anderson Silva 2 Rnd Decision

Mike Ortiz 1st round KO

Greg Crawford 1st Round Sub

Charlie Sheen 1st Round Sub

Dan Murphy 1st Rnd TKO

Incase of a tie: 35

If there is a tie between me and someone else they get the win since I know the tie breaking #.

3Bushido 24 Parlay Empty Re: Bushido 24 Parlay on 7/8/2011, 4:33 am


Rick Bowman via ko rnd 1

Roger Ferguson via ud

TJ Crawford via tko rnd 1

Colin Littl via tko rnd 1

Eduardo Filo via sub rnd 1

Marcus Savalas via tko rnd 1

Mike Ortiz via tko rnd 1

Greg crawford via sub rnd 1

Gonzo Miller via tko rnd 1

Dan Murphy rnd 1 ko

incase of tie:50

ILL COME BACK WITH A vengeance >.<

4Bushido 24 Parlay Empty Re: Bushido 24 Parlay on 7/8/2011, 3:00 pm



Sorry forgot to close this. Embarassed bet on the next one man.

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