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1Antonio Dorsey Empty Antonio Dorsey on 1/14/2011, 7:25 pm


Fighter Info

Antonio Dorsey
Age: 26
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 214lbs
Record: MMA 7-8, Kickboxing 3-1
Hometown: Washington D.C.
Camp: Wasp Nest
Gamertag: Melbone87
Contract: 1 fight left
Specialty: Brawler
Stand Up Rating: 82
Clinch Rating: 93
Ground Rating: 92
Submission Rating: 33
Health Rating: 97

2Antonio Dorsey Empty Re: Antonio Dorsey on 1/17/2011, 12:55 pm


Fight History

WinRoy Nelson1stKnockoutBushido 5 "Hostile Territory"N/A
LossZhane Hamilton1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 6 "Scrap for the Strap"N/A
WinTerrance Silva1stKnockoutBushido 9 "Day of Reckoning"N/A
WinZhane Hamilton1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 10 "Fury"View
LossJack Frost1stKnockoutBushido 12 "Velocity vs Crawford"View
WinJoel Patin1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 15 "Crawford vs Filho"View
LossJoel Patin1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 16 "Annihilation"View
LossJoel Patin1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 17 "Inferno"View
WinRoger Ferguson1stKnockoutBushido 29 "Invincible"View
LossArnold Schwarzenegger1stKnockoutBushido 30 "No Fear"View
WinRick Bowman1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 31 "Destiny"View
LossJoel Patin1stKnockoutBushido 34 "Patin vs Dorsey"View
LossJaimie Ranallo1stSubmissionBushido 37 "Ill Will"View
LossHershal James1stKnockoutBushido 41 "Murphy vs Miller"View
WinYves Burnsides1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 42 "Pavlinsky vs Boyd"View

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