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**Secretary Preps Mr. Azevedo with microphone as Tv Crew gets into Position**

Interviewer: Thank You for attending "Flash". Really excited to get this interview underway.

Azevedo: No problem man, Really excited to be here and get this interview underway. Not really use to, or like the spotlight, but I def. love to give my fans a little insight.

Interviewer: I think that's what makes you a fan favorite, other than your heart and stand and bang reputation. Tough couple of losses that have played out before Fight Force 3: Collision Course, Care to elaborate on them??

Azevedo: Honestly, I'm fairly disappointed in myself. That first fight with MB Millz was my type of fight, we stood and banged rocking each other but at the end of the day he got the best of me. That second fight with Silkowski was a significant embarrassment.

I'd been injured a few weeks leading upto the bout with Brandan and didn't put my full effort into the last week of training due to Fatigue. 1. The injury took it's toll and 2. I was fighting a fellow campmate. I take nothing away from him though, he kicked my tail up and down the ring on worldwide PPV. Utter disappointment, but if i could lose to anyone a fellow Wasp Nest Member is someone who deserves that honor

Interviewer: So have you corrected your downfalls, or should i say what have you done to prepare yourself this time around?

Azevedo: The next night after that brutal Silkowski loss, I put on Film and began taking notes. Not on my opponent, but on myself. The next night i hit the gym and began, maybe the best, camp i've had so far since signing with Fight Force. I changed my Regiment up, and with the help of fellow Wasp Nest members, K!lla Bee, began my comeback.

Interviewer: With that being said, your next test is no easy one. Cesar Azevedo has taken out top competition and pretty much has denounced the whole WW division, claiming there is no competition, threatening to change weightclasses, and asking the GM of OnlineMMA to hand him the title, Thoughts?

Azevedo: Cesar, wow...He's a good opponent. He's beaten 2 top guys in our division and is going on a tear. I'm not punk though, Read the scripture in my signature. I prepare these hands no matter who the opponent and Cesar is no exception. Come November 27th, Fight Force 3, He will be facing the best Jay Azevedo Fight Force has seen.

With the denouncing the WW division, i feel that is a personal attack. Although my name was not mentioned, i feel our WW division is one of the best divisions, and me being a part of that, you say it's weak your calling me weak. No way Homie..

And the threatening to change weightclasses part?? If you want the title, why you gonna change classes? If you are the best p4p fighter, dominate the road ahead of you instead of changing lanes to skip through the daisies with the butterflies.. I'm still standing down Title Road, not saying i'm gonna win, But Make no mistake, November 27th, once those doors close, there is no where to run, No butterflies Homie, only Me bringing Leftie and Rightie. 'nuff said, Na don't try n hide now homie..

Interviewer: Wow..Seems like a lot of tension after you'd been so calm and laid back at first, Why the last few statements?

Azevedo: Won't get into details, but about 3 months ago he called out the Entire Wasp nest.. Thats family homie. Me Him and and Unknown third party all know why he didn't drop down to 155 to fight LW at FF3 lol Lil' Homie can't run tho, either way he go the Wasp Nest there...

Interviewer: Ok i'm gonna back off that one man lol so last question for the night, What happens after this fight at Fight Force 3 Win or Lose?

Azevedo: Losing is not an option..I feel that if I lose, thats it..This fight is my last resort. I'd be ashamed to continue on with a 3 fight losing streak man. Our training over at the Wasp Nest has called me out, either win, or be demoted to a lower league til i get my ish together..I gotta eat, I have a wife and Little Girl homie, no losing, no lower tier league. I love Fight Force, i want that belt, and i want my stake as one of the best fighters who gave the fans what they want. They, other than my family are the reason i fight..

For this fight, I put it all on the line..Even switched up my intro music just to reflect the desperate nature...

Just wanna tell my friends, i'm coming, I'm swinging for heads and all You know what gonna break lose Come saturday on PPV...Thank God, My fam, The Fans, and The wasp Nest...Yo lil homie meet me at the center i gotta fist for ya Wink

Psalms 144:1  Blessed be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle;



Awesome man.. love the interview and the conflict.

I hope you don't lose so we keep a fellow ww in the league. Plus Cesar needs to be knocked down.. lol.
This is an undercard, I am surprised.. is it because you guys are not able to make it Friday?

My eyes are sore as faq from re training my guy. Martin should be done by FC4 and he is really looking forward to stepping into the cage again. Devin@lhw will have to wait a bit longer.

- I would like to watch the fight on saturday if you guys can tell me the time.

OMMA Journalist
Rex Payne FF HW
Devin Payne-kickboxer (LHW)
Greg Martin-freestyle (WW)

Interview with Jay Azevedo Pre-Fight Force 3 Smma10



Lets go TEAM WASP NEST!!!!!

A Champion faces Adversity and wins. They love to face adversity. As it proves that they are the champion. They look forward to facing adversity every time they fight so they can overcome it and become stronger.



Nice interview man and GL in your fight.

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