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1Martin disbuting with coach Empty Martin disbuting with coach on 11/23/2010, 11:49 am



Coming off a disapointing lost from possible future WW belt holder Cesar Cyborg, Martin and his coach butted heads with what went wrong and whos to blame.

Coach: "The kid didn't listen, he rushed, he gassed out he gave up his back, thats not MY FAULT!"

After his failed debut, Martin went into an online training ground where it forces you to improve or else. This strick camp only resulted in more injuries to Martin and increased tension between him and his coach.
2 more loses from very close sparing regiments that he could have won leads people to wonder can Martin pull it all together or is he just a can?

Martin: "Coming from a boxing camp, my training was rocky at the start but coach is not helping me any further.... I am pissed off, all my hard work and now I come to realize that having this goofball as a coach may have been a huge mistake. I am thinking of redoing my training and maybe get in under Devin's coach of Kickboxing.. I don't know.. its a tough decision but I am not getting anywheres with my current coach and training."

When asked for Martin's coach to comment,
"The Kid can do what he wants. I took him under my wing, showed him the ropes and this is the thanks I get?. This is what he wants to do!!? 1 fight in OMMA and 4 failed attempts in the online regiment with himself and he wants to throw it all away!??
FAQ him! Does he know how much time we put in the gym, he wants to redo all that?"

With Cesar Cyborg as the only competitor signed for FC3 in WW, Martin's choices are limited and the serious conflict with his coach is not helping matters.

Martin: "I just lost to Cyborg, they won't give me another shot right away, where are the other ww?
Sure I would love to take on Cyborg again, I know I can do better. I would love to knock him and his camp down a peg and I am just the guy to do it. FC4 if they let me however this maybe a perfect time for me to leave my chump of a coach and set out to get some dedicated training"

It's not confirmed on Martin's intentions but its very doubful we will see him on FC3. Fans, family and friends are supportive but concerned that he maybe making a huge mistake if he decides to leave his long time coach.


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wow, good read. Hopes Martin makes the right decision

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Cesar Cyborg

Cesar Cyborg

Your very good in the write ups.

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Thanks guys.

Update: Martin has stuck with his coach and has remained a freestyle generalist
however he is redoing his training.

With conflicting schedules, either Devin or Martin's training will suffer due to this decision and agreement with Martin and his coach.

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