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1 How Legends FC works on 4/23/2016, 3:09 pm


This league is for roster fighters only.  Please read the rules & guidelines below to learn how this league works.  After you read the rules click REGISTER INTO THE LFC at the bottom and provide the requested info on the following page.

* Fight schedule

~ Everyone gets one fight per fight card.

~ Once you are put on the card you will have a week to do your fight.

* Choosing a weightclass

~ You are not restricted to one weightclass and you can fight in all of them if you like.

~ Tell us your preferred and secondary weightclasses or put "any" when you sign up to fight.

~ If we cant find you a fight in your preferred weightclass we will look for an opponent in your secondary weightclass.

* Choosing a fighter

~ You are not restricted to using one specific fighter

~ Choose any fighter you want within the weightclass you are scheduled to fight in

~ Mirror matches are allowed.

Any questions or issues concerning this league post in the Help Desk.

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