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Ok! This is the moment you all have been waiting for! My first piece of journalistic art! The piece speaks for itself and should win me countless awards. Razz I had the chance to interview the Boss and here are some of the things I’ve learned. The boss hates being called the boss. Rolling Eyes He rides a Horse to work and he has to be at least 7ft tall. I mean he’s from Texas and everyone rides horses in Texas right? Not to mention everything is bigger there. He hates flamers so don’t even think about lighting up near him. He likes holding on to the past. I mean come on dude Prides over and done with. Stop crying about it already. And last but not least he loves the color blue. True story! Ok enough about him lets move on to me and my great body of work here. “Please keep your eyes off my body I can feel the burn”

1) Please explain exactly what OMMA is for those new to the forum?

OMMA (Online Mixed Martial Arts) is a gaming site for the game EA MMA. It was basically created to give those who are competitive a place to go and compete and not have to worry about cheaters, quitters, etc. Online when someone quits or cheats theres nothing you can do about it. Here cquitters WILL get a loss and cheaters WILL get banned. Twisted Evil Its also a good place to discuss real MMA so if you are a gamer and a MMA fan this is definitely where you want to be.

2) Now that we know what OMMA is, explain how it will work?

OMMA consists of multiple leagues. Fight Force (a league using unified rules), Bushido (a league using Japanese rules), Ultimate Combat (a league using Vale Tudo rules Twisted Evil ), Striker's Challenge (K-1 style league) and Camp Battles which is a team based league where camps go at it to see who is the best camp.

Anyway, here’s how things work. After you make your CAF you must register him into Fight Force which is our entry level league. The fighter registration is basically a contract for 4 fights in obe of the Fight Force weightclasses. Once registered you just sign up for events, fight and then come back here to report the results. We will then update all ranks, records, stats, ect. Once your 4 fight contract is up you then can sign to one of the higher level leagues or stay in Fight Force if you think you're not ready yet.

3) What are some of the things that we can expect to see changed or added to the site in the future?

As of now the structure of the site is set but we will add whatever the community sees fit to make this place even better. One thing I can say is that I would want to add is more leagues. A grappling only league (if possible) and a tournament league but that will be later if we decide to go thru with it.

4) With so many other leagues out there how will OMMA stand out from the rest?

Well last year leagues were all basically sign up and fight. We wanted to be a little more than that so we thought, "why not make this like an online career mode?" with things such as fighter interviews, fighter bios, fight rewards, a homepage that promotes the events and fighters, etc. similar to how real MMA orgs. do? Then with the announcement that EA MMA will have multiple leagues within it we thought why not take it a step further and have multiple leagues here too instead of just one. As a MMA fan and not just one org it was kind of a no brainer and after seeing others leagues now following the trend we know we made the right choice.

5) Tell us about your ultimate goal for the OMMA community and its long term goals?

Well ultimately we just want to provide a fair and fun place for gamers to compete. A place full of respectful members who also love MMA. As long as we can get that acomplished then everything else is a bonus.

I’d like to ask you a few personal questions if you dont mind. We want to know more about the man known as Danas Wright.

1) Where are you from?

Deep in the heart of Texas

2) I would guess you are a fan of MMA. Am I correct?

I'm a HUGE fan. Been watching it since 94.

3) Who is your favorite organization?

The UFC but I was also a big Pride fan.

4) Top 5 fighters from any Organization?

Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, Jon Jones, Tyson Griffin and Urijah Faber

5) Do you practice any MMA in the real world and if so where and what do you study?

I'm a blue belt in Karate, boxed amateur for 4 years and now study BJJ.

7) I will assume you have played UFC 2009 Undisputed and if so what was your record like?

Never played ranked. By the time I was good enough I decided not to with all the cheating and quitting going on. My player record was something like 1000+W - 200+L.

Cool What are the top 3 no no’s for the league? I mean one bad apple can ruin it for the whole bunch and make or break an online league. What will you be looking for and how will you handle these bad apples?

Cheating, missing fights and trolling the site

10) Last question. If you make a million bucks off of this site, will you start paying me?

LOL I am in no way trying to make money off of this site. It’s purely for fun. If the opportunity arises though, I will certainly reward those who helped make it successful and sorry, you're not one of them. lol jk You've been a big help as well.

Dam!!! lol Well there you have it. Stay tuned for future interviews.

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Cool stuff very enjoyable read
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wow that was actually a nice read.
ur good at this journalist thing, if only we can do something about those graphics lol.
Great read Nyrico, great start to better things to come in the journalism section of OMMA .... Prop's and Respect Bruh

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supramkii wrote:wow that was actually a nice read.
ur good at this journalist thing, if only we can do something about those graphics lol.

Dude you should hook me up with the papers logo I really can't get a handle on it, mind helping us out here on the paper ?

Ps sorry about the edited I didn't make any changes I hit edit instead of quote .... sorry bro.

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yeah sure.
right now i just finished the banner for the site, and i got some work to do.
but give me an example on how you would like it.
it would be best for one template and just have u edit and re use it.
do u have photoshop, that way i can send u the psd.
Yeah i do and as you can they i'm not that good at useing it yet, i just started doing stuff with in the last few days i'm sure u can tell lol but from what I;ve seen I trust in your skill set to make one 100's of time better that the one i'm useing.

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Nice article, this looks like a nice place to try and earn my keep once I step into the cage.

OMMA Journalist
Rex Payne FF HW
Devin Payne-kickboxer (LHW)
Greg Martin-freestyle (WW)

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