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Ronda Rousey, TJ Dillashaw, Fabricio Werdum, Holly Holm, Daniel Cormier, Conor Mcgregor, Anthony Pettis, they all have one thing in common. The shock effect victim. They look unstoppable, simply untouchable, then next thing you know, from 1 minute to 25 minutes later, your belt is gone. All the glory, all the fame, all the hype, everything just vanishes in that instance. Same thing goes on here at OMMA, the best online competition league in the world! Today's 1 on 1 guest is Gio Ito, and this new 1 on 1 series will be for anybody I chose in particular, whether it's a superstar bag rising up, to a champ, to a former champ, to a new comer, these 1 on 1 series I'm going to start doing a lot more often. Anyway today I present the first ever 1 on 1 special, " I Am Ito". For those of you who don't know he Gio Ito is, Gio Ito is a former 2x UC Bantamweight champion, and was on a 4 fight win streak until his devestating loss to Buakaw Pramuk, the undefeated "And New" Champion of the bantamweight division. After that loss at UC87, Ito has gone M.I.A from the league, hasn't really talked to any media until yesterday with me, and took a 4-5 card layoff. Following on Xbox he sure wasn't done training though, but the loss was tough, he was one of the best P4P's in the World, and now he barely hangs on to the #10 spot. So basically I interviewed him and he was upset and motivated to return, (which is a good sign), so here's how it all went down.

You were once one of the the top P4P fighters, and looked unstoppable. Next thing you know, at UC87, you get the call and your fighting upcoming and top challenger Buakaw Pramuk. What was going through your mind when you found out you were fighting him

"I immediately thought, I'm gonna sprawl and brawl and look for the finish."

For those of you who don't know who Buakaw Pramuk is, he is the most astonishing Kickboxer, and Muay Thai fighter in OMMA. His strong and powerful kicks, as well as great range and flurries makes him a living hell for any opponent he faces. Outside of his astonishing striking, he has a very well rounded ground game, but in all of his previous fights has never been tested there unless he was on top. His clinch game is probably on of his more underestimated tactic in his game, but he mainly uses the clinch to drain energy of the opponent. He's gonna keep this standing and if you don't close the range your in trouble. When Ito said Sprawl and Brawl I knew immediately what he meant when saying that. Look at previous film of Pramuk, one of the only ways to netrualize him is by making it a dirty, inside the pocket fight. If you can pressure him without getting caught, you have the better odds, but if he has you moving backwards, or has you in range, your in toruble. Pramuk is usually not a "inside the pocket fighter". In this fight with Ito, Ito's downfall was trying to keep range just like Pramuk usually does. When they both kept distance, and Pramuk picked up that Ito wasn't trying to come in for the kill, almost trying to feel him out, Pramuk took the intuitive first and had Ito moving back.

Take me through what happened that night from start to finish...

" I have a really rich history with Zhunter, and I knew coming in that this was going to be a scrap. And everything was going fine, I was playing my gameplan well, until that head kick hit me, then the right, then it was over".

It was a fairly even fight for the opening minutes of the first round, a lot of action, both guys were just about even in strikes landed, then Pramuk's attack, he comes in, throws a few, and then comes up high with the kick. About a second after the kick landed, and Ito went dizzy, a right came across Ito's chin, and without a chance to get back up Herb Dean stops Pramuk in his tracks before he can pound on Ito to clarify a finish.

""I wasn't unconscious thank god, I was just really rattled".

And in the snap of a finger, everything was gone, the highly favorable favorite taken down!

Is there anything you regret after that fight?

"I'm simply just ready for anybody that's next. I lost to a undefeated and really good challenger, I'm just ready to get back in there."

"I'm not in hibernation or anything, I'm just ready for anyone who's next, that's all".

It was a tough bout, and I feel for Ito, but I'm glad it's not the end and I hope to see more out of Ito in the future! His last words were "I'll fight anybody, but I don't lose rematches!" That sound like a call out to me, but the future holds greatness, and everything is worth the wait, just like Ito's return is. Hope you all enjoyed the first episode of my new 1 on 1 series. This was " I Am Ito"

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