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1UC 88 "Gold Rush 4" Recap Empty UC 88 "Gold Rush 4" Recap on 5/1/2016, 10:11 pm


Intro: UC 88 was definitely one for the books considering a Gold Rush only comes once every 20 or so cards, a big gathering of 3 or more champs fighting on the same card. This time was a even more special gold rush considering the fact that a new Middleweight champion was crowned (congrats to lxshook on the great win, my fellow Shark Tank training partner!) Back to the card, three champions in JJ Watt(LHW), Damien Silva (WW), and Tristan B. (No contest). Today we're gonna dig deep into the foundation of the main card wins, and my thoughts on what should come next for the winners, as well as my thoughts for what should come at UC89

Main Card 1st Fight (LW) : Sean Scott #7 vs Jordan Zhang #14~ My initial thoughts coming into this fight were "Scott is going to want to get this fight to the mat, and get it their fast"! As soon as I saw this fight put on the card I was instantly excited because of Scott's very fast progression in the division! He's a submission guru, but being the mma fighter he can hold his own wherever the fight goes. Zhang is a classic boxer, and wants it on the feet only, and maybe a little dirty boxing in the clinch once in a while. I didn't expect a submission via flying armbar in the clinch, but I expected a submission at some point in the fight. This flying armbar, after just coming off a submission last card via flying armbar as well really shows his creative and un orthodox style.

Main Card 2nd Fight (MW) Jim Kelley #3 vs Owen Carter #7~ For the new middle weight belt, this fight had a lot of buzz coming in. Jim Kelley made the weight cut and dropped down to MW after originally fighting at WW. Of course Carter was the very high underdog here, but in mma anything can happen! After only two fights Carter steps into the Title stage and ends up snagging a win in a fight that no one really saw him having a chance in. Jim has been here forever, we all know him to be one of the worlds best, who would've thought a 2 fight new comer comes out the blue and beats a top dog. It all came down to a gritty last round, and your going in their to finish the fight, and Owen didn't let it go to the judges, he battled and got the late finish. Both of these guys are lethal strikers, wanted no part of the ground, and the fans got to see a great fight!

Main Card 3rd Fight (LHW) •Champ• JJ Watt vs Jared Cannonier #6~ In my honest and most un disrespectful opinion I simply believe Cannonier was not ready for a guy of the caliber of Watt yet. No one realizes how much of a tank JJ is until your in the octagon with him, he's taking up the whole center of the stage and forcing you to fight back against the cage, his size and width, and his constant and brawler like pressure. Jared was 3-0 prior to this fight, but it was against fairly weak opponents, and two of them came to decisions, not even finishes. This fight was to high caliber for him at this point, Watt gets a quick ko, but with a little more expirience and training I expect Jared to return in the future!

Co Main Event (LW) •Champ• Tristan B. vs Ryan Hunter #3~ No contest

Main Event (WW) •Champ• Damien Silva vs Takeo Ford #5~  I mean there isn't really much to say here, Damien Silva aka Kenetic NRG is the best fighter in the world, and baddest dude in the WW division. He owns this division, and as of now I don't see a person that could stop him.  Takeo didn't really stand a chance anywhere considering he's a boxer, and Silva wants it on the feet, but if it goes to the ground Ford is highly outmatched. So Takeo hung in for as long as possible, he's a strong vet that's been here since FF days, and he's gonna keep battling and get another shot eventually. Time will tell!

What's comes next for the winners:

Sean Scott #7 LW~ I don't know what's going on with the current LW title fight that's supposed to be happening, but I think Scott gets a title shot if he really presses for it. Do I think he could get some more expirience under his belt? Yes, and I surely would like to see him fight a top 5 ranked opponent like a Hank Li or a Matty Ice, but some weird urge is making me think that he's getting his shot!

Owen Carter •Champ• MW~ Based on overall performance in the last few months, I think Carters first title defense challenger will be fast but talented upriser Ares Ares. Coming off a submission here on the undercard of UC88, he's looking very sharp, and based on activity within the rest of the division, he's the go to option right now!

JJ Watt •Champ• LHW~ Watts next challenger simply comes to the hands of either the #1 or #2 contender, in which is Michael Thompson or Lennox Lewis. They last fight at UC84-85, and I think there time off has been preparing them for their next shot. Would I love to see it at UC89 because the finish came so quick and Watts most recent fight here at UC88? Yes, who wouldn't, but I would like to think it will happen around UC91 or 92, maybe 90 if we're lucky.

LW Title fight: No contest

Damien Silva •Champ• WW~ In a private interview Silva told me he would like Zhunter next, better known as Andre Galvao in the WW division. I could see this fight happening, but I could also really dig a Rick Morgan rematch, since he was defeated by him to be handed his only loss ever. Either one is a way to go.

Preview of UC89, what I would like to see:

• A WBW title fight between Mimi Kim and Vanna Jovovich
• Steven Seagal vs BMLIMO

Ok well that's all for the UC88 recap
Message me on xbox on Jonesz xx Bball, if you have any questions and stuff in that manner.
Peace out guys!

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