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Please read the rules & guidelines below then click the SIGN UP TO FIGHT link at the bottom.

* Choosing a Corner

' Whoever has the higher league rank gets to choose the corner to fight from

* Choose Correct Rounds

' Normal fights are set up for 3 rounds

' Title fights are set for 5 rounds

~ If you see the rounds are wrong quit out immediately and restart

* Fighter Selection Restrictions

' You are only allowed to use fighters from the weightclass you are scheduled to fight in.

' You can use any fighter you like within that weightclass

* Use Real Time

' Do not use the accelerated clock.  Please use real time.

Here are things not allowed in your fight

* No Cheating

~ If you win using an exploit,  glitch or banned move/tactic your win wont count

* No Quitting

~ If you were losing the fight and quit out you will receive a loss anyway and your opponent will receive the win

~ If you quit out on multiple occasions you will be suspended until further notice

~ If you were winning or it was close and connection was lost you must rematch

If you have any questions contact a league president or post in the Help Desk.

--->> SIGN UP TO FIGHT <<---

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