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We understand that sometimes people make poor choices when allocating their stats and need to make adjustments,  want to modify the stats to prepare for the next opponent or just want to edit the fighter's hair,  trunks,  etc.  We have no problem with this just please follow the rules below.

*  You are allowed to edit your fighter's persona

~ You can change the clothes, hair, tattoos, body type and sponsers

~ You cannot change the fighting style,  name,  height,  face model and skin tone

*  You are allowed to edit your fighter's stats

~ You can edit your fighter's standup, ground and submission ratings but the overall rating must remain at 80

~ You cannot increase your ratings more than 5 points from what you registered

~ This increase doesn't stack with each fight so if you went from 60 ground to 65 you cannot move up again to 70

* You must report your changes

~ Send the UC president a message containing the changes made before your next fight

If you have any questions contact K!LLA B33 or post in the Help Desk.

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