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A no show is someone who doesnt show up to fight by the deadline stated on the fight card.  We dont give wins and losses for a fight that dont happen.  However,  no shows are noted and will affect your position in the title hunt.

~ If you cant make it then please let the league as well as your opponent know BEFORE the deadline.  If you dont you will be treated as one who is avoiding and lose the trust of the league.  Simply put, if you sign up show up.

~ If your opponent isnt responding then please report this to the league no later than a day before the deadline stated on the fight card so we can start looking to find you a replacement.

~ If a champ doesnt show up an interim title fight will be set.  If the champion doesnt show for a 2nd time the interim champion will be set to defend. The winner of this fight will become the official champion.

If you have any questions post them in the Help Desk.

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