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Hello all,

If you are not aware the EA team has decided to bring the community into the early development process of EA UFC 2.  How?  Well they have recently created a new GameChangers program for the EA SPORTS UFC franchise. The goal is to work with 5 of the most passionate and knowledgeable members of the community to influence and shape the development of core game modes, as well as other aspects of the game. This first event will take place in early October.

The GameChangers group will be heavily involved in gameplay tuning and balance and working to conceptualize future content plans for the series.  I am happy to announce that I am one of the 5 chosen to represent the community.  Please post your ideas and suggestion below and I will do my best to convey them to the develops.  This thread isnt just for posting ideas so discussion is encouraged but please keep it civil and on task.

(Note: Things such as control schemes and moves are already set in stone and are very unlikely to change. Things such as balance of moves, online/offline modes..etc are things which should primarily be discussed here but any ideas regarding the future of the franchise past UFC 2 are welcomed as well)


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Bring back events mode..

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