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1UC 37 Ascensions summary from fan? Empty UC 37 Ascensions summary from fan? on 8/22/2014, 12:23 pm



UC 37 Ascensions

UC37 Ascensions has come and gone,  but its interview with a so called fan has us pray that the majority of the fans are not like this.  Great fights for the ones that iOMMA could view.

As fans are leaving the stadium;

iOMMA: "iOMMA here,  hello sir,  can you tell us your thoughts on all the fights that took place tonight for iOMMA and the public?"

JB: "hey man,  do I look like a f@cking reporter here? why do you just watch the video of the fights and do your own f#cking work, dick.. sheese.  Trying find some tail here and your cock blocking me brah"

iOMMA: "I am sorry, it will only take a moment, if you please? Here is some beer coupons"

JB: "Yaaah fine, hurry up then."


LW Damien Murphy vs Ivan Palacios  
-Damien Murphy via Unanimous Decision

JB douche: " I seen some good knees and a fancy flip thing from that Ivan guy but comeon.  He tried a superman punch off cage as well.

Then murphy decides to throw some knees in the clinch.  why wait to hit the guy.. Was this guy trying to win?

Then we have ivan kick murphy in the leg a few times, what are those little taps  suppose to do anyway?

iOMMA: "Those kicks looked kind of vicious and buckled Murphy a bit-"

JB: "Heeyy! am I doing this?
He takes him down and  then lets the guy right back up.. come on! ..  I paid to see blood!

Murphy then lays some more knees and drops the fellow with a spinning elbow but he lets the guy back up again!

At the end of round 2, murphy is kicking the guy all over the place.. why doesn't he just finish him!

Round 3:
Then the pussies come out and touch gloves like they love each other... come on I paid to see a fight, not some guys wanting to be best friends.

iOMMA: "Its a sign of respect towards one and another."

JB: "fu*k respect.
they then the hug some more on the ground.. Murphy was trying to tie up the guys arm so he could touch him
or some shait..

iOMMA: "I think it was submission attempt? looked impressive to me and many others.."

JB: "I don't like gay porn.
Muphy finally decides to punch this Ivan guy and rocks him and drops him but he wasn't man enough to finish him and it went to the cards for a decision in his favor.

Next time these guys should actually try and fight, in my opinion.

MW Xavier Munoz vs Levi Ramirez
- Levi Ramirez via Unanimous Decision

Wasn't televised.

WW Andre Galvao vs Thomas Tucka  
-Andre Galvao via Unanimous Decision FOTN

tech difficulties

JB: "Yaaah, I missed this fight,  had to take a big, steamy dump."

Main Card

WW #3 Cesar Azevedo vs Randy Orton
- Randy Orton via Split Decision

not shown

HW #6 Anthony Owens vs Roman Reigns  
-Anthony Owens via 2nd Round KO

tech difficulties

JB: "I missed this fight, had to go buy a sh#tty beer."

MW #13 Kevin Dellolio vs Ricky Bmoney  
-Ricky Bmoney via 1st Round KO

tech difficulties

JB: "didn' get to see this fight either, had to go piss out that shi$ty beer."

MW #19 Justin Johnston vs  Ricky Harris

-Ricky Harris via 1st round TKO

tech difficulties

JB: "Yaaa.. there was this girl with the nicest rack sittiner near me.. man! I asked if she washed her pants in Windex..  but I don't think she got .. bitches lose,  I am a stud."

FW #3 Jose Aldo vs Truth Sasso  
-Truth Sasso via 1st Round KO KOTN

JB: "These guys even in the same weight class?  Sasso hits the guy twice and he is already rocked.
then nearly kicks his head off..  I think he killed him!?  guy lying there arms out stiff.

I am all for a guy getting the crap beat out of him but man, where is the fair fight in watching a big guy beat up this litte tiny fellow.   Everyone knows the bigger stronger man
will always win...  sheese..  who organizes these fights?.

iOMMA: "Well.. okay then, thank you for your time.

There you have it folks, a view from a OMMA fan?
iOMMA, OMManiac signing off.

OMMA Journalist
Rex Payne FF HW
Devin Payne-kickboxer (LHW)
Greg Martin-freestyle (WW)

UC 37 Ascensions summary from fan? Smma10

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