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UC 34 “New Beginning”

OMMA opens up its doors again with its first fight card UC 34 “New Beginning” and it was some beginning.  If the other cards will come to produce fights like this, the fans will be the winners.

We will start off with the return on Jone Jones vs new comer hardcore Hardhatz.

Jon Jones vs Hardcore Hardhatz
FOTN Hardcore Hardhatz

Round1 both man come out swinging,  but it was Hardhatz that get the better of jones with his power shots in this round.
Later in the round, Hardhatz gets a single leg take down but Jones reverses and gets a shot off but they quickly get back to their feet.
Hardhatz than begins to work the body with hooks and hurts jones at one point but before he could capitalize, Jones hits him with a flush uppercut to stop the attack. Jones tries to take him down at this point but Hardhatz has none of that.
Hardhatz starts to display his power by rocking Jones a few times in their exchange with his strong hooks.
Near the end of  round 1, Jones beings to use his foot work and steps and evades while landing some clean shoots to Hardhatz.
It appears at the end of round1, Jones found his rhythm and range as he repeatedly tags
hardhatz. Hardhatz was having trouble connecting.

Round2 begins and they are very even.   Hardhatz, again works the body with some hard hits.
He lands a single leg take down where he gets side control and switches to the north south position where Jones quickly reverses but neither can capitalize and Hardhatz shakes jones off and they get back to their feet.
jones gets hardhatz in muay thai but hardhatz again lands the single leg takedown. harhatz postures up and lands some great punches to jones face but decides he wants no more of the ground game and lets jones up.

Round 3.
Both man start off with fire under their feet knowing it is very close either way.
Jones gets hardhats in the muay thai clinch and capitalizes with some nice knees. The knees continue
but hardhatz takes them like a champ where lesser man may have crumpled.

Hardhatz eats many knees in the deadly clinch of jones, until he lands a nice double leg take down.
he postures up and rains down some punches. He once again, like in round 2,  lets jones back to his feet.

The fight ends going to the cards with the judges scoring the fight a unanimous decision in Hardhatz favor.

A great fight for the opening OmmA.  Both fighters gave it their all with a very close fight.
Hardhatz proves he belongs here with his strong punches and his ability to take a punch or in this case, the many knees that jones delivered.

In the end Hardhatz’ take downs and repeated connections to send jones back are what won him the fight.
We will say Hardhartz debut was nothing less than a complete success against a veteran camp and fighter.

Next up we have  Anderson Silva vs Timothy Cooper

Anderson Silva vs Timothy Cooper  
KOTN Timothy Cooper 

These guys come out with bad, bad intentions where they both daze each other  and send the other reeling repeated times.
They blast each other with punches with the goal of taking each others heads off.
However middle of round 1 at 2:38, the slug feast is ended by Timothy Cooper landing a left hook that puts Anderson Silva to sleep.

 Cooper is victorious in this mad exchange of fist of fury.

The rest of the fights were not televised or there was technical difficulties.  Here are the results;

HW Tommy Tweedy vs Mr Big Hardhatz  
- Tommy Tweedy via 1st Round Submission SOTN

WW Cesar Azevedo vs Dustin Middleton  
- No Contest

HW Anthony Owens  vs Wladimir Putzski  
- No Contest


LHW Brodie Martin vs Steven Oliver Putzski  

- No Contest

MW Justin Johnston vs Raymond Walker  

-  Raymond Walker via Unanimous Decision

HW Zhane Hamilton vs Sean Walker

-  -  Zhane Hamilton via 3rd Round KO

MW Chris Hardhatz vs Paul Collins

-  - Chris Hardhatz via 3rd Round TKO

FW Jose Aldo vs Nick Stevens  

- No Contest

Technical difficulties viewing:
Zhane Hamilton vs Sean Walker
Heavyweight Matchup
Justin Johnston Vs. Raymond

OMMA Journalist
Rex Payne FF HW
Devin Payne-kickboxer (LHW)
Greg Martin-freestyle (WW)

UC 34 "New Beginning" summary Smma10

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Keep doing these please Smile


UC 34 "New Beginning" summary F3AREDxTEMP

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