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1One Division? Empty One Division? on 8/1/2014, 1:37 pm

Cesar Cyborg

Cesar Cyborg

Just a suggestion because we average 2 fighters a division...

2One Division? Empty Re: One Division? on 8/1/2014, 3:04 pm



That will result in even less fights than we have now.  lol  We are not run like the other leagues therefore we wont handle it like them.  The way we do it is better bcuz it results in more fights and most importantly the freedom to fight where you want.

Other leagues match up the gamertags.  Say 10 ppl signup.   They only have 5 fights to make.  We allow 4 fighters per member.  If 10 ppl sign up that's possibly 40 fights to make.  Not everyone will make 4 fighters but you get the point.

The problem is the number of ppl who register to fight here.  Unfortunately we are not a part of the UOC,  UFF and OFC buddy group.  They share members and help promote each other so they have a huge advantage in getting more members.

My suggestion to you is help bring more ppl here and also register more fighters ad help fill up the other divisions.

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