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Hey all --- I'm in several different leagues and have gotten confused Smile

I sent the following PM to one of the admins and they asked me to post the question here --- so here you go Smile

Happy Friday hope all is well

I'm all registered and settled on the forum but wanted to check on something ---

I believe there are 4 different 'leagues', right? And 2 of the four are currently closed, which leaves just the regular CAF League, and the K-1 CAF League, right?

No Stock League, right?

If that's the case I just want to sign up for the regular CAF League. I went to do that but it seems that you can register for multiple weight classes. How many can you pick?

Should I wait until the game actually comes out and I create my CAF(s) (based upon the OMMA ruleset that is being worked out right now i.e. stat level caps/etc.) --- or should I go ahead and register in my preferred weight classes now and then just create my CAF later on?

Look forward to helping bring OMMA to the top Smile thank you!



Yes we have a league for roster fighters.

League archive -
To join it -

The rule for the CAF league is up to 4 fighters - with the stipulation that they cannot fight in the same division.

You can go ahead and register your fighter today without the stats (if you know what general info you want) and then add the stats later or you can just wait until the game comes out and post your fighter w/stats. Doesn't matter.

Either way, just make sure that your fighter names (I.E. Anderson Silva) isn't already taken. You can use a pro fighter's real name if you make a CAF as K!lla B33 does (He's got Jones, Silva and Aldo) or you can make an entirely new CAF with a made up name.

Just have fun. The first event is on the 28th of June for XB1 and 29th for PS4 (I think… maybe those are backwards)

"You talk too much, things will happen..." - Anderson Silva



Bushido and Fight Force are closed and we're gonna close Strikers Challenge for now too bcuz they use different rulesets and ring types which EA UFC doesnt provide.  Hopefully EA UFC 2 will have multi orgs like EA MMA so we can open them back up.

No stock fighter league.  CAF only.

You can register up to 4 fighters.  Read more on that here.

Like Rainboi21 said you can register your fighters now and fill out whatever info you can then come back after you get the game and edit in the rest or wait until you get the game and do it then.  We would like for you to register now so we know what our roster will look like.  It might also be a good idea to register now if you're planning on making a CAF based on a real fighter so you can claim the name.

Yeah Xbox Broadcasts are on Fridays and PS4 is on Saturdays.


Great thank you for the info!

I'm already in three other leagues but they are mostly Stock leagues, that's why I'm glad to be with OMMA for some CAFS Smile

I'll probably register two fighters w/ OMMA for now just to make sure I don't have too many fights going each week for all my leagues.

Thank you all!!

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