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Well upon popular dismay of this game
I decided to purchase Supermacy. I got it from amazon for 9$.
Hard up for a fighter prob should have saved for ufc3 instead but anyway 9$.
will get ufc3 at some point as well.

over 15$ I probably wouldn't get supermacy.

Anyway it is an arcade fighter but it is not a button masher. The AI is pretty tricky thus far.

It is easy to pick up, has some okay moves. Although limited as it revolves around a tap combo which means you do not have control over left\right punches and kicks.. this here bothers me.

Every fighter does fight different and you have to definitely fight with their strength whether it be ground game or striking. It has a thin story mode which is nice.

Anyway, SM is for someone that is really hard up and you just want to go in and bust someone up.(please not this is not why I love for watching mma. I am not a 'just bleed' fan although for a fighting game, yep do it up!. I came for the mortal kombat era.) 5.5/10 would be my rating thus far. I do have a tendancy to like games more the better I get and the more time I put into them but anyway don't see this rating changing to much. The game has no really short comings for this type other then the controls\movement is the biggest gripe. Which is a big deal when fightint games revolve around this majore component.

Real steal Aarcade is a far better game and compare it very close to Fight night series.. very happy with that purchase of 800ms points. The controls and moves are near perfect with the FN control scheme(button not tpc). Tons of online activity in that game unlike SM with no one playing.

let me know if anyone has any questions for either game.
I also downloaded Fire pro wrestler which is a arcade dlc. Its light hearted fun.

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Supermacy MMA\real steal Smma10

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