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My preferred mode of play in UFC Undisputed 3 is Event Mode. So I discovered this glitch that allows you to play open-weight matches (HW vs. LW, WW vs. BW, etc.). As far as I know though, it's only available to do within event mode because of the way matches can be selected. Here's how to do it:

1. Open event mode (Any name, venue, number of fights works)

2. Hit the A button on any particular match to edit the specifics of it.

3. Select the weight class of the first fighter that you want to select. Then, pick the fighter that you'd like under that particular weight class in either the red or blue corner (doesn't matter).

4. Hit confirm before selecting the second fighter. The match should show only the competitor you selected.

5. This is the part that allows you to pick ANY other fighter in the game. Hit the A button on your match again to open it up, however, make sure that you immediately hold your left analog stick to either the left or right as soon as you hit the A button. By you holding the left analog stick, the weight class for the fight will change, but the first fighter will not be removed. Normally, changing the weight class in a match within event mode will also remove the original fighter you selected, but holding the analog stick before the fight comes up ensures that your selected fighter remains there.

6. Now, you have to get lucky in holding your analog stick to land on the desired weight class for the second fighter. When you release your analog stick, it will land on the weight class that you can now pick for your second fighter. Go to the other corner and pick the fighter that you want.

The most random aspect of this process is which weight class you land on while holding the analog stick. You can somewhat control it if you have a quick eye. If you don't get the desired weight class though, you can always start the process from step 2 again. You can even set up an entire event with 8 different open weight fights! Let me know if this works for everybody or if you have any questions.


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lol yea I saw this, funniest vid every with mighty mouse and the 'reem lol

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Cesar Cyborg

Cesar Cyborg

New league, Yeah buddy? Nvm not for online.

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