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1New Bellator Game (trailer) Empty New Bellator Game (trailer) on 3/9/2012, 12:13 am



Looks just like the Supremacy MMA game. They wasted their time IMO. Rolling Eyes Also, the fact that someone else is making a Bellator game means EA isnt. Sad news for EAMMA.

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New Bellator Game (trailer) Fail

New Bellator Game (trailer) Waspne10

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New Bellator Game (trailer) Greg+stuna

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As soon as i saw the Spike TV logo I knew it would be a gimmick. Sheesh, why mess up a licensed organization. Well i guess the answer is simple, they can just use all the material Bellator has and can have a simple release. 505 Tags also told me how the game play will be...Smh

From the looks of this, it will be a XBLA and PSN release, hopefully, and if thats so then EA still has room to wiggle with picking up the license, i mean cmon we know they have the cake. Either that or UFC switches to EA.

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