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1How betting lines work Empty How betting lines work on 5/28/2011, 12:20 am



Betting lines, unlike parlays, are not you vs. other players, they are you vs. the casino odds maker. (that's me)

Basically what I do is set odds for every main card fight. The odds have one favorite and one underdog.

Betting on the favorite is 'easier' money because there is a greater chance in the odds maker's eyes that that fighter is more likely to win, while the underdog is less likely to win.

The basics of betting lines are this: the favorite is denoted by a negative number and the underdog is denoted by a positive number.

For example:

GSP: -300
Shields: +250

Jose Aldo: -450
Mark Hominick: +325

Jose Aldo/GSP are the favorites in these fights. The larger the number the bigger the underdog/favorite they are.

Thus, Aldo is a bigger favorite than GSP and Hominick is a bigger underdog than Shields.

Now to explain the numbers:

A negative number means if you bet that exact amount and win, you win your money back + 100.

A positive number means if you bet 100, you win your money back + that exact amount.

So lets say you bet 100 dollars on Hominick and Hominick won. You'd win 325 dollars + the original 100 back (425, a profit of +325)

If you bet 450 on Aldo, you'd win your 450 back and another 100 (550, a profit of 100)

You can bet on one fight, or you can bet every fight or any mix but you can only bet on ONE fighter to win a fight.

The only rule is you may not bet on a fight you are participating in.

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When the fights are over, if you have a +, that means you did not lose any money. It's assumed you won your bet back.

For instance:

You bet 100 dollars on Jon Jones who is a +100 and he wins.

Your total for the night is +100, even though the total number of money you collect is $200.

The reason is because as soon as you make that bet, it's as if you don't have that money anymore. It's the casino's UNTIL you win it back.

If you have a -, that's how much you lost. It can ONLY be what you bet per fight. If you lose two fights that you bet 1000 on each, you'd be -2000 from your original starting money.

If you then won 500$ on another fight, you'd be -1500, Because you still lost money.

The formula for earnings is this:

Lose: Subtract your bet from 0. This is your total.


Bet on underdog: (Bet/100)*positive odd. This is your total.

Bet on favorite: (Bet/negative odd)*100 This number will come out negative, so make it positive. This is your total.

For the night: Positives - Negatives = Total Amount gained/lost

Thank you.
Casino Management,


"You talk too much, things will happen..." - Anderson Silva

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