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1How Parlays work Empty How Parlays work on 5/27/2011, 5:50 pm



Well I'll be doing these from now on.  I probably wont do one for every event but I will try. Wink I'm not sure if you guys know how a parlay works but it works something like this.  I'll post the full card like so:

Lucious Graves vs Joachim Gracie

Ray Burns vs Michael Ortiz

Hector Martinez vs Hermes Kinsler

Kody downs vs Marco Cloud

Jorge Castro vs Michael Perez

Clive Larson vs Diego Sanchez

Kevin Knight vs Harris Ahmadzai

Vic Stone vs Nick Lymen
You then reply with who you think will win each matchup, what round and how like so:
Lucious Graves 1st rnd KO

Ray Burns 1st rnd TKO

Hector Martinez 1st rnd TKO

Kody Downs 2nd rnd Sub

Jorge Castro 1st rnd TKO

Clive Larson 2nd rnd Sub

Kevin Knight 3rd Dec

Vic Stone 1st rnd TKO
When the card is over whoever gets the most predictions right or the most predictions closest to the results wins the pot.  The bet will be $1000 (it will be taken from your fight earnings when the card is over). If say 10 ppl bet the pot would be $10,000.  That means you can win $10,000 when only putting up $1,000.  Very Happy

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