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1HELLO!!! Empty HELLO!!! on 5/19/2011, 1:09 am


Im new to this website (i joined a few days ago) and my cuz, mikeportiz told me about this website. This thread is to clearfy some things. Mikeportiz is NOT me! We might almost have the same fighter name, Mine is Michael Ortiz and hes is Mike Ortiz. First of all my name is Michael and my cuz name is Mike. Our last name is the same! So dont say we r the same people. Anyways, i hope to become a FF champion! Dont worry i will be one. My first fight is this friday at FF 20. Wish me luck!

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Welcome and good luck.

Looks like Fight Force is thickening up lately, should be interesting. Cool

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good explanation.. that would have been confusing.

thas awesome FF is getting a bigger roaster.. good luck man.. whish I could watch it live but alas, I will not be available.

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HELLO!!! Smma10

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