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John Black came into Fight Force 2 with high expectations. Leaving his bout against Tom Collins all he could feel was defeat and disappointment. After being stopped via KO in the first round Black had this to say in his post match interview.

"I was nervous, tentative, and it showed in this fight. I give all the credit to Tom and his trainers, they came in and worked their game plan and it showed who was more prepared. I won't let this type of fight happen again."

Black is looking to bounce back against this initial defeat and is eager to redeem himself in Fight Force 3 "Collision Course". Who he'll fight or if he'll get to in FF3 is still in the air but Black seems determined to get back on the horse as soon as possible.

"John was visibly nervous before the fight with Collins. Not to say that is the excuse for his poor match but he should have shown better. He'll come back and be better I'm sure of it." Arkus commenting on his fighters first foray into the ring of OMMA Fight Force.


In other news, Arkus hinted at another fighter possibly entering OMMA competition under his guidance. Other than dropping a few vague hints at who this might be, those in the know speculate that the fighter will likely be a middle weight. We will likely know by the end of the week and possibly by Fight Force 4.



I saw that we were both training hard last night.
Hope you do well in your up coming fight.

OMMA Journalist
Rex Payne FF HW
Devin Payne-kickboxer (LHW)
Greg Martin-freestyle (WW)

Black's first taste of OMMA competition  Smma10


Yeah I hope to show better this go round. I think I'm getting the swing of some of my lesser areas so hopefully I can put on at least an entertaining show. If not I hope to at least fair better than Hughes did vs Penn.

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