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1Dylon Perch Calls Out Dan Sillowski Empty Dylon Perch Calls Out Dan Sillowski on 11/15/2010, 5:02 pm



Perch has called out Silkowski to fight in Fight Force 2. Guess what fans of Dan Silkowski, he has accepted the fight. Saying:

"He wants to fight, sure lets do it. I ready to fight, I am always ready. Guess I will take my break later. haha."

After Dan's lost against Cesar, he is looking to avenge his loss, and get his first Win.

Brandan will also be appearing on this card as well. First Time in Fight Force very short history we will see two brothers fighting on the same card.

Brandan on his thoughts about his fight against MB Mills:

" I'm ready, and I know he his ready, so lets get it on."

Ele25 on the brothers fighting on the same card:

"This is going to be great for Fight Force, they have a great way to promote the fight. They will also have two guys who will show up and fight. Prepare for Fight Force 2 fans."

A Champion faces Adversity and wins. They love to face adversity. As it proves that they are the champion. They look forward to facing adversity every time they fight so they can overcome it and become stronger.



Uh oh! lol You better make him pay for calling you out. lol

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