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1. Since me or the guy I'm fighting cant record do we need a mod or someone who can record in a fight card with us?

2. We report fight results by PM and not open in forum right?

How do we verify the fight with staff? Coolte12


ovfd55 wrote:1.Since me or Guy I'm fighting can record we need a mod or someone who can record in fight card 2?

2.We Report results by PM not open in forum right?
If you cant record take a picture of the results screen when the fight is over. As long as you have that you're good. You only need a staff member present if neither of you can record OR take a picture. I'm sure you can at least take a picture though.

As for reporting the results, you need to click the "Leagues" button in the navbar and then click "Report Form" and fill out the form. Put the url of the pic where it asks for it. This is how you will report all your fight results.

The only time you dont need to report is if you fight on the broadcast.

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