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  1. 7/7/2014, 12:42 am
    Message by x King SD x - changes to my fighters
    King Steven: Stand Up 94
    Sub 70
    Ground 95

    Nick Stevens: Stand Up 92
    Sub 70
    Ground 95

    Steven Downs: Stand Up 92
    Sub 70
    Ground 95

    Steven Oliver: Stand Up 93
    Sub 67
    Ground 99

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    5/22/2014, 6:35 pm
    Message by taz19 - CB Camp
    Can you delete the old camp thread for CB. I will be creating a new one. Thanks.
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    4/13/2014, 10:58 pm
    Message by JustinJohnston_3 - ACTION
    Will this website be active again once the game is released? because this idea is awesome and i would love to actually be apart of it?
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    5/22/2011, 8:10 pm
    Message by Rainboi21
    Is that Kingpin in your avatar? I've been meaning to ask...
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    5/2/2011, 1:37 am
    Message by mikeportiz
    Hey im not 6'1 or 180 pounds on my Mike Ortiz fighter. Hes 5'10 and 175 pounds.
  6. 4/30/2011, 10:20 am
    Message by x wallzy95
    Ye hi i dunno if ive been exepted to fight force can you tell me if i have?
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    3/27/2011, 6:49 pm
    Message by Freddie Karnes - ty for puting me in the fighter thread
    ty for that and i look good good pic ty cant wait to stat going up the ranks Wink
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    2/9/2011, 11:31 pm
    Message by Zhane123
  9. 8/21/2010, 7:46 pm
    Message by XXxortiz350xXX
    i just registered here and it wont let me post replies on the forums or fight leagues
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    7/22/2009, 5:24 pm
    Message by Allen Johnson
    Hey Boss,
    Hows it going? I have tweaked a few skills on my fighter before the league starts asnd now his rating has risen from 81-84. I cant change that particular stat within my profile though.
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