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1Cesar Azevedo Empty Cesar Azevedo on 10/26/2010, 12:24 am

Age: 31
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170lbs
Record: 10-14
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Camp: None
Gamertag: Big n Sexy
Contract: Retired
Fighting Style: Boxer
Overall Rating: 80
Stand Up Rating: 67
Clinch Rating: 75
Ground Rating: 86


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2Cesar Azevedo Empty Re: Cesar Azevedo on 10/26/2010, 12:25 am

LossSean Scott2ndSubmissionUC 90 "Silva vs Holzken 2"View
LossJordan Zhang1stTechnical KnockoutUC 87 "Ito vs Pramuk"View
WinKid Dynamite1stKnockoutUC 86 "Ali vs Seagal"N/A
LossSean Scott3rdUnanimous DecisionUC 85 "Resurgence"N/A
WinSteve Oulton2ndTechnical KnockoutUC 54 "Lesnar vs Lent 2"N/A
LossRenaldo Bianchi2ndKnockoutUC 53 "Lesnar vs Hernandez"N/A
LossRandy Orton3rdUnanimous DecisionUC 52 "Lent vs Lesnar"N/A
WinThomas Tucka3rdUnanimous DecisionUC 38 "Bad Intentions"N/A
LossRandy Orton3rdSplit DecisionUC 37 "Ascension"N/A
WinEddie Payne1stUnanimous DecisionBushido 56 "Pavlinsky vs Stallone II"View
LossDonald Cerrone2ndTechnical KnockoutBushido 49 "Showtime"View
LossJose Vickers1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 33 "Unbreakable"View
LossGreg Crawford1stDisqualificationBushido 31 "Destiny"View
LossJeremy Frost2ndKnockoutBushido 25 "No Talk All Action"View
LossGreg Crawford1stKnockoutBushido 24 "Relentless"View
WinJZ Webb2ndTechnical KnockoutBushido 17 "Inferno"View
WinGonzo Miller2ndUnanimous DecisionBushido 11 "Miller vs Azevedo"View
WinJoshua Montgomery1stTechnical KnockoutBushido 10 "Fury"View
LossGonzo Miller1stSubmissionBushido 9 "Day of Reckining"View
LossYoshihiro Sato1stKnockoutBushido 8 "Battle at the Horizon"View
LossDan Murphy2ndUnanimous DecisionBushido 7 "Murphy vs Azevedo"View
WinJay Azevedo1stKnockoutFF 3 "Collision Course"N/A
WinGreg Martin1stSubmissionFF 2 "The Uprising"N/A
WinDan Silkowski2ndSubmissionFF 1 "The Beginning"N/A

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