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1 Another Rant on 9/8/2010, 4:08 pm


I sincerely hope they stop JTags and ban them on all Black ops.. Why? Because I still don't know if I am buying it. It has a M16 which 1 bursts just like CoD4 and Mw2 and that ruined those 2 games for me. Mw2 was worse because it had the M16, FAMAS and Raffica which were all overpowered and killed in 1 simple burst. and you could Akimbo Rafficas? well fuck me sideways. So now Black ops have copied Mw2 and made a shitty unbalanced game instead of an amazingly awesome game like WaW. So onto my point.

I loved CoD4 and WaW when they were released and Jtags were barely known. Now I go onto CoD4 and it is filled with Egotistical chavs with names like "ShottzZzZ x" or "FuzZzE x" who use M16 and spam it and think they are "Pro" or "MLG". Myself, I miss the old generation of MLG where players who actually had skill boasted. Now it is just chavvy idiots copying a name millions of other people have and they are not bothered that they are not unique and merely another sheep in the field. How many times have you seen a name like "SKiiLlzZ x"? Be honest? It's ridiculous. These people have ruined the Call of duty series and the online community and general population of Call of Duty has now become immature little 13 - 14 year old chavs who will use the cheapest guns and most overpowered and cheap tactics to get the win.

Onto my point about modding of course. When I went onto CoD4, along with the cheapness, I saw LOADS of 10th prestiges who SUCKED at the game compared to me. Why? lack of experience. They were clearly modded as they used noob classes and perks that you see on a 0 prestige level 13. Then, I went back to the great game that is WaW. While the game is amazing and if you suck at games you will hate WaW guys, because you need skill to kill people. It isn't one bullet kill on a sniper accross the map with a SMG. No no, this isn't shitty Mw2. Onto my point, since JTags were released and founded on mw2 mainly now WaW.

Every lobby I join is full of 10th prestiges with 2237494809580 days played and all this other crap. May I ask why? I like to check my achievements and acolades in a game. Now they can't. Also, they are all terrible and thus they all use Modded controllers to get kills. I wouldn't mind, I used to use one myself, but these are the people who boast in their bios about being "MLG PRO" and they call me who is a Legit 10th on all CoD games, they call me a "BK". I'm sick of this stupid chav lingo that is online nowadays and I have grown to despise the Call of Duty community. But when these egotistical idiots lose, they tell me to get a life? Yet they boast about shitty 1v1 records that mean F**K all? Ok. Makes sense of course.

So to sum up, I hope they do ban all modders on Black ops, even though the game has already shown it's unbalanced guns and a complete mimick of Mw2s CRAP, I hope to buy it and gain 10th legit in record time just like previous games and I don't want to see 10th prestiges with 39830497340 days played on the leaderboard straight away. Then I will lose all motive. Looking forward to reliving the good old days of CoD, the unmodded days. I enjoy modding but it's just got ridiculous now.


P.S. New MoH game? Yes please.

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